This page contains organized information on ICMA’s nominations and election of regional vice presidents and the selection of the ICMA President. Use the drop-down feature below to access information on these topics. 


The Regional Nominations Process webpage provides information on the schedule, requirements to be considered for nomination, and the critical roles that the regional nominating committees, state/country associations, and affiliate organizations hold in selecting nominees for the election ballot. Every year, the nominations process for ICMA regional vice presidents formally launches after the annual conference for the following election year. 


The Regional Nominations Process webpage is the best place to start for individuals interested in learning more about serving as a regional vice president on the ICMA Executive Board. Additional resources related to ICMA's nominations and elections: 

Campaign Guidelines

Declaration of Ideals

Envision ICMA: Strategic Plan

Expectations of Board Service

History of State/Country Rotations of Regional Vice Presidents by Region

ICMA Code of Ethics

ICMA Constitution

ICMA Executive Board Nominations and Election Guidelines

List of International Affiliates

Regional Nominations and Election FAQ


Regional Nominating Agreements

State Leadership / Liaison Directory

Summary of Eligible States/Countries By Region


The Regional Nominations and Election FAQ is a compilation of questions ICMA receives. The Regional Nominations Process webpage provides comprehensive information about serving as regional vice president on the ICMA Executive Board. 

Annual Election

ICMA’s 2023 Annual Election Ballot closed on June 2, 2023. View annual election results for regional vice presidents by year:






President Selection

Each year, the ICMA Executive Board calls for expressions of interest from eligible former regional vice presidents and then selects the next ICMA President. Only former regional vice presidents who have been off the board for at least one year and are still working in service to a local government can be considered for this position. 

  • Read about President-Elect Tanya Ange
  • Read the board meeting highlights for the selection of 2023-2024 ICMA President Lon Pluckhahn
  • Access this article to learn more about Past-President Jeff Towery

The privilege and responsibility of voting is limited to Corporate members. Article VIII. Section 1. of the ICMA Constitution (amended by the membership in February 2020) defines Corporate members:
a. Corporate Members are:
i. Full Members (including Life Members)
ii. Affiliate Members, currently serving in an appointed position in local government, who have a minimum of five years of service to a local government and five years of membership in ICMA.

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"Board service is an immense opportunity both personally and professionally. It is incredibly rewarding and humbling at the same time. It opens your eyes to the world and reinforces the immense value that public service brings." - Simon Farbrother, former ICMA President and former International Regional Vice President


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Candidates: If you have questions about the nominations process in one of the five U.S. regions, contact your state association or affiliate organization president, or your regional director. Use the State Leadership / Liaison Directory. International candidates, contact ICMA staff at

Regional Nominating Committee members: For the five U.S. regions, contact your regional director. Regional directors serve as the secretariats to the regional nominating committees. Use the State Leadership / Liaison Directory. For the International region, contact ICMA staff at

For general inquiries about the nominations or election process, contact ICMA staff at

For questions about membership status or voting eligibility, contact ICMA staff at