1. How do I post a job?
  2. How much does it cost to post a job?
  3. What is the deadline to get our ad into the ICMA Newsletter?
  4. Can I pay by purchase order (without a credit card)?
  5. How do I pay an outstanding invoice with a credit card?
  6. Do you accept jobs via email or fax?
  7. My organization doesn't appear in your search list. Help!
  8. How soon will my job be live after I submit it?
  9. Where is my receipt?
  10. I need to make changes. How can I do that?
  11. How long is my job active?
  12. Can I take my job down early?
  13. Where will my job appear?
  14. As a private, for-profit company, can we post jobs with ICMA?
  15. What are Topic Areas?
  16. What if my question has not been answered?

How do I post a job?

After clicking "Jobs" in the top right corner of your screen to access the Job Center, click "Post A job". Existing ICMA account holders can post a job right away. New customers will need to create a free account. Please use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser when posting a job. 

How much does it cost to post a job?

View pricing information.

What is the deadline to get our ad into the ICMA Newsletter?

Generally be sure your ad is live online by the end of day on Friday to get into the upcoming Tuesday issue ICMA Newsletter (emailed weekly). If it's a week with a holiday that may alter mailing or staff schedules, plan ahead as the newsletter may be assembled sooner. The non-member newsletter has a subscription rate of approximately 17,000; the member newsletter about 11,000.

Can I pay by purchase order (without a credit card)?

Absolutely -- purchase orders are integrated into the new platform for local government employers. If you are with a recruiting firm or other advertisers that is not a local government, you may request PO access by emailing advertising@icma.org

The mailing address is printed on the top of the invoice/receipt. All purchase order payments should be mailed to:

PO Box 79403
Baltimore, MD 21279-0403

How do I pay an outstanding invoice with a credit card?

If you are paying an outstanding invoice by credit card, log in to your ICMA account, click on the "Organization Info" tab, and click on the "View Transactions" tab. You will then be able to access all paid and unpaid invoices for your organization. Click on the invoice you want to pay, and then you will be prompted to input your credit card information. If you are having issues with payment, please call the main customer service line 1-800-745-8780. 

Do you accept jobs via fax or email?

ICMA does not post jobs sent by fax or email. Staff are available to help with web issues, discuss strategies for getting the best return on your ad investment, troubleshoot system errors, and for general assistance. 

My organization doesn't appear in your search list. Help!

If your local government or organization still does not appear in the list, please complete the online request form on the organization lookup page and we will add it to our database and notify you when it is available.

How soon will my job go live after I submit it?

Jobs appear immediately! If you would like your job to have a delayed launch, email advertising@icma.org before you complete the payment process. 

Where is my receipt?

Your receipt will be emailed to you upon immediately after you post your job. You can email advertising@icma.org with any issues regarding your receipt. 

How can I make changes to my job ad?

To edit a job, select the "edit" button for the job you want to change on the Manage My Jobs page. If you need to make a change to a field that is associated with a cost (job function, newsletter, or other distribution), email advertising@icma.org

How long is my job active?

  • Jobs are active for 60 days, and renewable easily from your Manage My Jobs page.
  • Category 1 jobs (CAO & ACAO) also expire after 60 days, but you may renew them at no charge.
  • If you enter a date in the Application Deadline field, your job will automatically be taken down at the end of the day on that date. If you want to reactivate it within the initial 60-day period, email us at advertising@icma.org.

Can I take my job down early?

Yes. To remove your job from the Job Center:

  • Change the application deadline date to the day prior to today. Your job post will be deactivated immediately.

Where will my job appear?

Every job post will appear in the online Job Center and in ICMA's electronic newsletter, Leadership Matters (automatically included in every purchase).

  • The newsletters is weekly, distributed every Tuesday. To ensure your job is included in the Tuesday newsletter, you must post it by the Monday of that week.
  • Your job will appear in every issue of the newsletter while it is live in the Job Center. 

As a private, for-profit company, can we place jobs with ICMA?

In most cases, no. ICMA's job center is tax-exempt and all jobs posted should be public service-related. In some instances, we allow placement for private sector positions if they are related to local government. Contact advertising@icma.org for more information.

What are Topic Areas?

Topic tags ensure that your jobs appear across our website, on topic pages, in groups, and near relevant discussions. For example, a Sustainability Manager position would appear on the Sustainability topic page, in the Sustainability group, or with the Brownfields or Solar Communities groups, helping your job reach a wider and more relevant audience.

The topic area you select will determine how your job will be grouped the newsletters. Category 1 (CAO and ACAO) jobs will appear under their own heading.

More Questions?

Email advertising@icma.org.

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