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About one-to-one coaching:

Whether you are a rising professional or seasoned manager, individuals at any stage of their career can benefit from coaching. Seek career guidance, ask project advice, and gain new perspectives by reaching out to ICMA coaches ready and eager to help.

Coaches can help you chart a path in local government, find information you need, and guide you to the answers that are right for you. Coaching offers value for people at any stage in their careers by providing coachees with the opportunity to see their situation and opportunities from a fresh perspective.

Coaching sessions can take on many forms. Some are casual, informal networking and check-ins. Other pairs set up a more formal relationship and continue over time. You can also choose to get perspectives from more than one coach. For more details, see the ABCs of 1-1 Coaching in the Coaching Resources section.

Member and Nonmember Use of CoachConnect

ICMA members and nonmembers can take advantage of this free program. This platform functions on a credit basis, and all new learners start with 12 credits. 

If you are a member of ICMA, you can request additional credits an unlimited number of times. Email coaching@icma.org to request more credits. In addition, if you are a member of one of the ICMA State Association Coaching Partners or one of the ICMA CoachConnect Outreach Partners, you can also request additional credits. 

Those who are not a member of ICMA or the above organizations will receive 12 credits as a trial period (about 12 months of coaching). To receive more credits and keep connecting with coaches, we invite you to join ICMA or your state affiliate! Learn more about joining ICMA.

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