ICMA recognizes the many achievements of its members through award programs that highlight extraordinary accomplishments as well as dedicated service to the profession.


Highlighted Recipients

Michael A. Conduff

Distinguished Service

Kevin Duggan

Distinguished Service

Michael Willis

Distinguished Service

Howard R. Balanoff

Academic Award in Memory of Stephen B. Sweeney

Allen Bogard

Award for Career Excellence in Memory of Mark E. Keane

Courtney W. Christensen

Award for Career Development in Memory of L. P. Cookingham

Jennifer Cunningham

Assistant Excellence in Leadership Award in Memory of Buford M. Watson Jr.

Jerrid M. McKenna

Early Career Leadership Award in Memory of William H. Hansell Jr.

David Altman

Honorary Membership Award

Alejandro Rodriguez

Honorary Membership Award

Patricia E. Salkin

Honorary Membership Award

Nomination Information

Nominations for the 2020 Local Government Excellence Awards Open this January!


2019 Award Recipients

Local Government Service Awards

Recognizes and celebrates ICMA members' dedication to public service and professional management at the local level.

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Performance Management Certificate Program

The ICMA Center for Performance Analytics recognizes local government performance management programs, encourages comparative analysis, and rewards transparency.

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Harvard Kennedy School Scholarship

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Program Excellence Awards

Recognizes individual achievement as well as outstanding local government programs.

Community Diversity & Inclusion

Community Health & Safety

Community Partnership

Community Sustainability

Strategic Leadership & Governance