Category Price per year Member Type
Chief Administrative Officers (CAO) and Assistant Chief Administrative Officers (ACAO) Up to $1,400
(0.008 x annual salary, capped at $1,400)

This applies to CAOs who serve in professional positions in all forms of local government as well as ACAOs who report to those CAOs and who have “significant general administrative responsibility.”

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Member benefits for CAOs and ACAOs

The following products and services are included in your ICMA membership.

Products & Services Price

The ability to vote on:

  • Elections to the ICMA Executive Board
  • Updates to the ICMA Constitution
Receive personal and financial support with the Members in Transition program if you have been fired, forced to resign or otherwise involuntarily separated Included
Receive personal and professional wellness support with the Equilibrium Program Included
Receive unlimited 1-on-1 coaching with ICMA CoachConnect Included
Participate in member-to-member conversations with ICMA Connect Included
Receive professional advice with the Senior Advisor Program Included
Receive a print and digital subscription to PM Magazine Included
Access the Leading Ideas Series and other premium web content Included
Pledge to uphold the ICMA Code of Ethics and receive ethics advice Included
Receive support for the Council Manager/Form of Government Included
Participate in the ICMA Awards Program Included
Volunteer in ICMA committees and task forces Included
Enroll in the Equity Officer Institute Included
Enroll in the Leadership Institute on Race, Equity, and Inclusion Included
Enroll in the Legacy Leaders Program Included
Enroll your domestic partner in a scholarship to attend the ICMA Annual conference with the Member Partners Program Included
Attendance to the ICMA Annual Conference & Regional Conferences Discounted rate

Leadership programs such as:

Discounted rate
Buy professional development courses in the ICMA University Online Classroom Discounted rate
Buy publications in the ICMA Bookstore Discounted rate
Buy job ads in the ICMA Job Center Discounted rate
Voluntary Credentialing Program Discounted rate

Become a member of ICMA

Pay by credit card

Complete your online application to join ICMA. In most cases, your online membership application will be processed within moments so that you can begin enjoying member benefits immediately. 


If you have any problems using the online application, please refresh the cache of your browser.

Pay by check or purchase order

Processing of memberships by check or purchase order typically take up to two to three weeks to establish.

  1. Downloadable the membership application (PDF)
  2. Mail application and payment to:
    ICMA Membership
    P.O. Box 79403, Baltimore, MD 21279-0403

Do you have questions about membership with ICMA?

Call the ICMA Member Benefits & Services Team at 800-745-8780 or 202-962-3680 or email

Other membership information

  • Membership will not be established without dues payment in full.
  • All payments must be made in U.S. currency.
  • Purchase orders are not considered payment. ICMA recognizes that many employers require a signed purchase order to process payment. Send purchase orders to ICMA for signature.
  • Membership may not be transferred from one person to another. ICMA is a professional association and ICMA membership belongs to the individual, not the employer.
  • ICMA will not provide a dues refund if a member leaves current employment; membership travels with the individual to his or her next position.

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