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Rise and Shine: Coronavirus Resources for Child Health and Parenting Advice

From the Children’s National Hospital site devoted to helping children everywhere lead happier, healthier lives.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

Protecting Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Outbreak

How to Prepare for and Recover from Community Crisis Like a Pro

Handling any sort of crisis in your organization is hard, especially when it threatens to harm people or property, damages your reputation...

Trauma Takes Its Toll

Emergency responders are at heightened risk for post-traumatic stress disorders. Managers can help support their well-being.

Managing Your Stress During and After a Crisis

Knowing yourself and your limits is important in managing your stress during and after a disaster strikes.


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ICMA Code of Ethics 95 years
ICMA Code of Ethics

The principles outlined in the ICMA Code of Ethics and enforced by the Rules of Procedure govern the conduct of every member of ICMA.

Members in Transition

ICMA provides personal and financial support for members who have been fired, forced to resign or otherwise involuntarily separated.

Encore Manager / Senior Manager Resources

An initial list of resources for managers considering their next life phase.

Voluntary Credentialing Program

ICMA's Voluntary Credentialing Program recognizes professional local government managers and promotes lifelong learning.

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What role will you play in shaping the future of the local government profession?ICMA's NextUp initiative is a multifaceted approach to developing and growing the local government management profession, those who aspire to serve in leadership roles, and the organizations and communities they serve. NextUp promotes membership in ICMA, which provides access to important resources and a professional network that can help local government staff achieve their leadership goals.THE NextUp Initiative is for...Local government managers who know the ability to successfully lead their communities includes a strong organization supported by skilled and ethical staff membersLocal government staff who desire to develop their professional skills, excel within their organization and advance to local government leadership rolesYou Are NextUp. Get Started Below.ManagersStaff  

Other Local Government Staff

ICMA offers affordable membership for entry-level, mid-management and department directors.

Professors and Students

ICMA offers an academic membership for students, full-time academics, and interns.

Membership Outside the United States

ICMA's services and resources provide a global context for over 400 members outside the United States representing over 30 countries.


Spotlight on Members

ICMA is proud to have a membership base of over 10,000+ local government management professionals.

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Reach out to a new member in your area, get up-to-date contact information or find members by jurisdiction.


Groups provide local government professionals the opportunity to connect with colleagues, discuss a shared interest, or collaborate on a project.

States and Affiliates: Emergency Response Guidance

Photo released by NOAA of hurricane Irma
Emergency and Disaster Resources

Resources for short and long term emergency management can be located within this ICMA Smart Search.

debris clean up
6 Stories of Recovery and Resilience

From Life, Well Run comes six stories of managers bringing their communities through disasters to a more sustainable future.

man surveys debris from hurricane harvey in rockport TX
Texas Managers: Stories of Harvey Recovery in Process

ICMA Mountain Plains Regional Director Karen Daly has collected accounts from several managers, most of whom are still grappling with the long-term recovery process.

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diverse group of young businessmen and businesswomen talking outside
Equity & Inclusion Topic Area

ICMA strives to ensure that our members and the overall profession reflects the diversity of the people we serve.

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