The League of Women in Government serves as the umbrella organization to support local and...

To help women succeed in public service by enhancing career-building models that develop...

Legacy Project

Helping women succeed in public service.

16/50 Project

Empowering Women to Lead Local Government

An overview of women members of ICMA.

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Since 1974, with the first Task Force on Women in the Profession, ICMA


On International Women's Day, ICMA and the League of Women in Government hosted...

Opportunities for any employee to serve as a leader

Learn how to use racial equity tools to evaluate your organization's equity and inclusion efforts.

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Join us at ICMA’s inaugural Equity Summit, Moving the Needle, a virtual learning event focused on advancing racial equity in local government. 

ICMA 2021 conference

Scheduled for October 3-6, 2021 in Portland, Oregon and Digital


A PM Special Supplement exploring what it means to be a woman in local government today

Firefighter Sandy Dostal, Excelsior Councilmember Lou Dierking, Tonka Bay City Administrator Kathy Laur, and Fire Marshal Kellie Murphy-Ringate

A city administrator with a burning desire to experience the world of firefighting

A feature of the PM special supplement, "Women Influencing Local Government," in honor of

An in-depth look at ways to increase the number of women in local government executive

A feature of the PM special supplement, "Women Influencing Local Government," in honor of


Professional Growth at Every Career Stage

Learn as a Mentee, Be a Mentor, and Pay It Forward

Hear how six female managers are earning the respect of their peers and breaking down...

Blog Posts

"You have to go through the process. The process is not easy or a straight road. It’s windy and uphill. But you’ll get to the top and look back and appreciate the journey.”

Still planning out your conference schedule? Consider adding these sessions to your list.

We have curated 17 unique events geared toward global knowledge sharing and one-of-a-kind networking opportunities with attendees from around the world.

Best practices for local government leaders to consider when developing a sports complex.

DOJ is seeking feedback on the executive order that will require local government to assure website accessibility with timeframe based on population size.

Seattle's Race and Social Justice Initiative provides significant impetus for developing policies for a sustainable community.

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Congratulations to these recently retired ICMA members who have been granted Life membership.

Congratulations to local government professionals who are newly joined, transfers in status (membership upgrades), and reinstatements as full ICMA members.

Putting your assets to work to create new revenue opportunities.

“For the first time in history, we have five generations in the workforce. We must view generational diversity not as a problem to overcome, but as an opportunity to embrace.”

City managers and police chiefs sit down to discuss the dynamics of their partnership, along with community engagement, transparency, and law enforcement agency accreditation.

The introduction to our new series on cybersecurity

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