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ICMA Leadership Matters

Leadership Matters* is a weekly e-newsletter that delivers the latest career opportunities in local government along with news, strategies, best practices, and innovative ideas on the most important local government issues—from ethics to smart growth, emergency management to sustainability.

Readers also get:

  • Cutting-edge research
  • Real-life success stories                                                         
  • Calendar of events.

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Leadership Matters Archive (Non-Member Edition)

To advertise in Leadership Matters, contact Hanna Vedder at hvedder@townsend-group.com

ICMA SmartBrief

ICMA SmartBrief is a daily news briefing that brings you the local government-related news that really matters. Expert editors handpick key articles from hundreds of independent, online publications, summarize them, and then provide direct links to the original sources.

Topics include:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Economic Development, Restoration, and Sustainability
  • Emergency Management & Public Safety
  • Ethics
  • Legislation, Policy, and Grants
  • Public Works and Infrastructure
  • Recognitions & Transitions.

Each edition of the ICMA SmartBrief also includes valuable news and information on organization programs, products, and activities.

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To advertise in ICMA SmartBrief, contact mkessler@smartbrief.com


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