Code of Ethics: Tenets, Promotion, and Enforcement

Code of Ethics

The principles outlined in the ICMA Code of Ethics and enforced by the Rules of Procedure govern the conduct of every member of ICMA.

An overview of ICMA’s training and technical assistance opportunities.

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The ICMA Rules of Procedure, adopted by the ICMA Executive Board, govern the process for enforcing the ICMA Code of Ethics as adopted by the ICMA membership.

Onsite and Online Training

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ICMA currently offers local government ethics training.


An in-depth exploration of ethics and practical tools and strategies for your organization...

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Online ethics training for local government staff.

Member Support: Issues and Advice

ICMA promotes the highest standards of ethical conduct in the local government management profession by providing advice, education, and training to members.
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Answers to common ethics questions and how to tap ICMA's expertise for advice on ethical issues

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Ethical Scenarios from PM's Ethics Matter!

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Ethics Scenarios from PM's Ethics Matter!Getting Compensation Right

ICMA members are often asked to raise funds for professional association conferences, statewide ballot initiatives, community projects, and other interests.

PM Magazine: Ethics Matter!

How to Minimize Their Impact

What Local Government Managers and Staff Bring to the Effort

Managing Roles, Power, and Responsibilities

Here are two real-world incidents that highlight ethical issues that can arise when