Veterans Resources

Local governments play a key role in ensuring the success of reintegrating today's veterans and caring for their families.

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ICMA has been highlighting best practices of cities and counties that have developed exemplary programs to assist veterans and their families and offers a nationwide network of city and county managers to spread the word about and replicate these programs. ICMA is partnering with national, state, and local government organizations to ensure that local governments have the tools needed to reintegrate and care for veterans and their families.

ICMA Veterans Programs

From Military to Local Government Employment

Resources to guide members of the military as they look to translate their passion for public service and work ethic into positions in the local government profession.

Transitioning Resources

Veteran Homelessness Resources

Veteran Legislation Resources

  • The National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL)  has a Task Force on Military and Veterans Affairs created to examine issues affecting military-community relations and the health and well-being of veterans. One focus is on combating hunger in veteran and active duty military families who comprise 25-75% of recipients of food assistance in various towns and cities. NCSL offers a check list for local leaders seeking simple, low-cost ways to feed hungry families. They keep track of the legislation being presented and passed in each state that would assist veterans in easing the licensure/certification that NGA is proposing, as well as proposed legislation to assist veterans across the country.


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