The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) was founded with a commitment to the preservation of the values and integrity of representative local government and local democracy and a dedication to the promotion of efficient and effective management of public services. To fulfill the spirit of this commitment, ICMA works to maintain and enhance public trust and confidence in local government, to achieve equity and social justice, to affirm human dignity, and to improve the quality of life for the individual and the community. Members of ICMA dedicate themselves to the faithful stewardship of the public trust and embrace the following ideals of management excellence, seeking to:

  1. Provide an environment that ensures the continued existence and effectiveness of representative local government and promotes the understanding that democracy confers privileges and responsibilities on each citizen.
  2. Recognize the right of citizens to influence decisions that affect their well-being; advocate a forum for meaningful citizen participation and expression of the political process; and facilitate the clarification of community values and goals.
  3. Respect the special character and individuality of each community while recognizing the interdependence of communities and promoting coordination and cooperation.
  4. Seek balance in the policy formation process through the integration of the social, cultural, and physical characteristics of the community.
  5. Promote a balance between the needs to use and to preserve human, economic, and natural resources.
  6. Advocate equitable regulation and service delivery, recognizing that needs and expectations for public services may vary throughout the community.
  7. Develop a responsive, dynamic local government organization that continuously assesses its purpose and seeks the most effective techniques and technologies for serving the community.
  8. Affirm the intrinsic value of public service and create an environment that inspires excellence in management and fosters the professional and personal development of all employees.
  9. Seek a balanced life through ongoing professional, intellectual, and emotional growth.
  10. Demonstrate commitment to professional ethics and ideals and support colleagues in the maintenance of these standards.
  11. Take actions to create diverse opportunities in housing, employment, and cultural activity in every community for all people.

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