ICMA Executive Board Nominations Process

Call for Nominations for ICMA Executive Board service will open on November 4, 2019.

The nominations process for ICMA Regional Vice Presidents launches in November for elections and induction of vice presidents the following year.  

The ICMA Executive Board looks forward to working with state and affiliate associations on this important leadership responsibility. The Regional Nominating Committees will be selecting ICMA’s future leadership – all Vice Presidents, and therefore potential future ICMA Presidents.

The nominations process for ICMA Regional Vice Presidents involves six regional nominating committees who are responsible for interviewing and identifying qualified individuals who can best represent our diverse profession.

The Board has established guidelines for the process to ensure a standard process across all regions, but the leadership of our affiliate organizations is responsible for agreeing on regional protocols. A separate process has been developed for the International region.


2020-2021 Nominations and Elections Process Opens November 4, 2019. Deadline for Submission of Candidate Materials will be January 6, 2020.

Regional Nominating Committees for the five U.S. regions will meet at the Regional Conferences in the Spring to interview candidates and select the nominee from each region who will appear on the ballot for election in May/June 2020. The International Regional Nominating Committee will meet by conference call in the spring to select the nominee who will appear on the ballot for election.

What Vice-President Seats are Open for Election?

The twenty-one member board consists of a president, a president-elect, a past president and 18 vice presidents.  Three vice presidents represent each of the six regions.    All vice presidents serve three-year terms.

All eligible members, regardless of job title, are qualified to run for any vice-president position subject to the requirements of the regional protocols.  In the U.S., at least one vice-president from each region must occupy a position of assistant or deputy, i.e. not the chief executive officer.  This year a non-CEO is needed to fill the seat open for nomination in the Midwest region.  

Please note that the state leadership in each U.S. region has agreed on a geographical protocol defining eligible states for each open position.  These are outlined in each regional agreement. A chart of Geographical Protocols for 2020 is provided on the ICMA website along with excerpts from the regional agreements on rotations. 

The International protocol identifies countries within the Southern Hemisphere for this year.

What is Expected of ICMA Regional Vice Presidents?

The ICMA Executive Board is the governing body of the Association. The board represents all members and is uniquely positioned to connect their priorities and issues to the policies of the Association.  The board also has the responsibility to encourage membership, to represent the priorities and strategies of the Association, and to solicit member feedback.  It establishes the strategic direction of the Association and therefore plays a critical leadership role for the profession. Those who serve on the board find it a very rewarding experience personally and professionally.

ICMA has a working board that requires active participation and a commitment of time and effort from each member throughout the three-year term.  This includes annual attendance at four board meetings located throughout the United States, and occasionally internationally, as well as attendance at Regional Summits and state and affiliate association meetings.  Expectations of Board Service may be found here

What Role do State and Affiliate Associations have in the Nominations Process?

  • The Regional Nominating Committees in the U.S. regions are composed of a representative of each state association that has an affiliation agreement with ICMA. The Local Government Hispanic Network (LGHN), the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) and the National Association of County Administrators (NACA) are also asked to identify a representative for each of the five U.S. committees.  All representatives must be Corporate Members of ICMA and reside in each respective region. The ICMA President or designee also serves on each committee.
  • The Regional Nominating Committee for the International region is composed of the ICMA president, the chair and vice-chair of the international committee, a representative from an affiliated country not in the rotation that year and 2-3 past International Regional Vice Presidents.
  • State and affiliate associations are encouraged to submit multiple candidates for consideration. Each year the ICMA President communicates with state and affiliate association presidents encouraging them to submit names of any in-service Corporate (Full) Members, they would like to have considered as vice presidential candidates.  States and affiliates are asked to review the geographical protocols for 2019 so they can determine whether their state is eligible to participate. If a state or affiliate association chooses to endorse candidates, they are asked to submit a written endorsement (an email is fine).  Said endorsements must received at least a month before the region’s Regional Summit in the U.S. (see schedule below) and March 31st for international candidates.
  • State and affiliate associations are encouraged to identify and develop future leaders to serve on the board. This is an important partnership with ICMA to foster a new generation of innovative, positive and principled leaders in local government management and to achieve a diverse and inclusive membership that reflects the make-up of our communities.

For a list of the division of states within the five U.S. Regions (West Coast, Mountain Plains, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast) click here. 

Who is Eligible to Serve and How do you Qualify to Appear on the Ballot?

Corporate (Full) Members who are currently working for a local government are eligible to serve. There are two ways for a member’s name to appear on the election ballot: A) nomination by their Regional Nominating Committee or B) qualification by petition.

A.    Regional Nominating Committee Nomination

There are three avenues for a member to be considered by the Regional Nominating Committees:

  1. Suggestions from state or affiliate associations.  ICMA contacts association presidents and the presidents of relevant groups such as those representing assistants and counties as well as the International Hispanic Network and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators.  All groups are asked to submit the names of several members who can represent both their region and the diversity of the profession
  2. Identification by Regional Nominating Committee members
  3. Self-Nomination

B.    Qualification by Petition

If a member meets the requirements outlined above and, after being interviewed by the appropriate Regional Nominating Committee, does not receive the nomination, the member has the option to appear independently on the election ballot.  To do so, ICMA must receive signatures from 15 Corporate (Full) Members in support of the candidate.  The only way to guarantee that your name will appear on the election ballot is to submit the required petition signatures by the January 6, 2020 deadline. More information on submitting a petition.

To be Considered for Nomination Candidates Should Submit the Following Materials by January 6, 2020:

  1. A statement of your qualifications for Board service and your view of the issues facing ICMA. Please limit this to two pages.
  2. Resume
  3. A list of any contributions you have made to ICMA and state/affiliate organizations such as service on a committee, board, etc.
  4. Thoughtful letters of support from members that can aid the Regional Nominating Committee in understanding your qualities, achievements and potential contributions to the board (Optional but recommended).
  5. Signed petitions (necessary for any candidate who wishes to appear on the election ballot, regardless of the nomination made by the regional nominating committee)

 All items should be sent to ICMA via email to icmanominations@icma.org and will be shared with the appropriate Regional Nominating Committee.  

What Guidelines are Used to Evaluate Candidates?

The regional nominating committees follow the ICMA Executive Board’s policy to recruit nominees who will provide a balanced board that represents the profession and those served by it.  The committees use the following criteria, established by the board, to evaluate candidates: 

  • Experience in local government
  • Service to ICMA and its affiliates
  • Diversity in the nominees and the continuing board members with whom they will serve in terms of geography, ethnicity, gender, position, and size and type of local governments
  • Demonstration of ethical behavior
  • Support of the profession through the ICMA Fund for Professional Management or by other means
  • Commitment to follow the election guidelines
  • Quality or caliber for board service
  • Participation in ICMA’s Voluntary Credentialing Program, if eligible 

If I Choose to Campaign, what Guidelines must I Follow?

ICMA has a long tradition of relying on a nominations process to identify a single nominee from among multiple candidates.  There has been a preference for relying on this process instead of having a competitive election ballot with active campaigning.   As noted above, however, any Full Member working for local government has the option to appear on the ballot independently through a petition process. Guidelines for campaigning have been established by the ICMA Executive Board.

Schedule for 2020 Election

  • January 6:            Deadline for candidate materials, letters and petitions
  • March 4-6:          Southeast Regional Conference (Durham, NC) - Nominating Committee interviews candidates
  • March 18-20:      West Coast Regional Conference (Vancouver, WA) - Nominating Committee interviews candidates
  • March 25-27:      Mountain Plains Regional Conference (Irving, TX) - Nominating Committee interviews candidates
  • April 1-3:            Northeast Regional Conference (Cambridge, MA) - Nominating Committee interviews candidates
  • April 22-24:        Midwest Regional Conference (Clayton, MO) -  Nominating Committee interviews candidates
  • May 19:               Online voting opens/paper ballots mail
  • June 19:              Online voting closes/deadline for return of paper ballots
  • June 25:              Ballots canvassed
  • June 30:              Election results published in ICMA Newsletter

Useful Nominations Documents