2020-21 ICMA Executive Board Roster

James Malloy, Town Manager, Lexington, Massachusetts (President); Troy Brown, City Manager, Moorpark, California (President-Elect); Jane Brautigam, City Manager, Boulder, Colorado (Past President); Marc Ott, ICMA Executive Director

Stephen Parry, Chief Executive, Gore District Council, New Zealand (Senior Regional Vice President, International region); Robert Kristof, City Manager, Timisoara, Romania (Vice President, International region); Chris MacPherson, City Administrator, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada (Vice President, International region)

Clint Gridley, City Administrator, Woodbury, Minnesota (Senior Regional Vice President, Midwest region); Molly Mehner, Deputy City Manager, Cape Girardeau, Missouri (Vice President, Midwest region); Victor Cardenas, Assistant City Manager, Novi, Michigan (Vice President, Midwest region)

Michael Land, City Manager, Coppell, Texas (Senior Regional Vice President, Mountain Plains region); Raymond Gonzales, County Manager, Adams County, Colorado (Vice President, Mountain Plains region); Diane Stoddard, Assistant City Manager, Lawrence, Kansas (Vice President, Mountain Plains region)

Christopher Coleman, Town Administrator, Westwood, Massachusetts (Senior Regional Vice President, Northeast region); Teresa Tieman, Town Manager, Fenwick Island, Delaware (Vice President, Northeast region); William Fraser, City Manager, Montpelier, Vermont (Vice President, Northeast region)

Laura Fitzpatrick, Deputy City Manager, Chesapeake, Virginia (Senior Regional Vice President, Southeast region); Michael Kaigler, Assistant County Manager, Chatham County, Georgia (Vice President, Southeast region); Nathaniel Pagan, City Manager, Owensboro, Kentucky (Vice President, Southeast region)

Ed Shikada, City Manager, Palo Alto, California (Senior Regional Vice President, West Coast region); Peter Troedsson, City Manager, Albany, Oregon (Vice President, West Coast region); Roxanne Murphy, Assistant City Manager, Valdez, Alaska (Vice President, West Coast region).


2020-21 Executive Board Meeting Schedule

October 24, 2020: Virtual Meeting

December 3-6, 2020: Virtual Meeting

March 4-7, 2021: Tentative: Charleston, South Carolina

June 3-6, 2021: Tentative: Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket, Massachusetts

October 3-6, 2021: Portland/Multnomah County, Oregon. Held in conjunction with ICMA Annual Conference


How the ICMA Executive Board Functions

ICMA’s 21-member Executive Board acts in the capacity of directors, overseeing the organization’s financial, member-related, and programmatic affairs and selecting the ICMA president. The board also enforces the organization’s Code of Ethics, which governs the professional and personal conduct of the membership. Board members attend four board meetings annually.

The ICMA Executive Board is made up of the president, president-elect, past president, and 18 vice presidents. Three vice presidents are from each of the organization’s five U.S. regions (Midwest, Mountain Plains, Northeast, Southeast, and West Coast), and three are from countries outside the United States (International region).

Presidential Selection 

The ICMA Executive Board selects the president-elect each year, usually in June, from among eligible former regional vice presidents. To be eligible to serve as president-elect, one must be a former ICMA vice president who has been off the executive board for a minimum of one year and is currently working for a local government.

Nomination and Election of Regional Vice Presidents

The nominations process for ICMA regional vice presidents formally launches every fall for the following election year. Learn more about expectations of board service, the nominations process, this year's schedule, and requirements for your region.

Minutes and Highlights

Board minutes and highlights are published in the ICMA member newsletter. If you would like access to past agendas, minutes, or meeting materials, contact asnowden@icma.org.