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Inspire and motivate your team to be more decisive, push their limits, and show confidence when engaging in purpose driven teamwork.

Join your colleagues in an unique exploration of personal leadership, organizational effectiveness, and the lessons of history. The leadership lessons of the battle of Gettysburg: The leadership styles of those in command as well as those on the battlefield, and the aftermath or disaster recovery of the town of Gettysburg after the battle of 1863 form the core of this site specific leadership institute offered in conjunction with the Gettysburg Foundation.

What to Expect

Relate timeless, inspiring leadership lessons to the challenges your organization might face today.

  • Engage for three days in an exploration of personal leadership, organizational effectiveness, and the lessons of history.
  • Explore the complexity of the battle of Gettysburg, the size of the armies, and the wide spectrum of personalities, all of which offer an extensive range of perspectives that are useful to those who work in local government.
  • Talk about the command structures, strategies, and methods of communication during the battle, which contain relevant examples for today’s leaders in decision-making, team building, and planning strategies for success.
  • Study good and bad examples of leadership, the importance of communication, leading by example, recognizing and appropriately utilizing talent and skill, and understanding the benefits and limitations of the tools and resources available.

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