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This research was conducted by Dr. Kristin Kosyluk, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mental Health Law & Policy at the University of South Florida, Dr. Jennifer T. Tran, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Nursing, and Ms. Katie Torres, B.S., Graduate of the University of South Florida’s Psychology Program.

Who Can Benefit from Cope Notes?

People trying to get mentally healthy

Individuals in the moderate to severe symptom range in need of daily support with managing depression, anxiety, and stress (PHQ-9 >20).

People trying to stay mentally healthy

Individuals in the mild to moderate symptom range looking for additional motivation, prevention, support, and effective coping skills (PHQ-9 <20).

How Does Cope Notes Help Them?

For individuals trying to get mentally healthy, Cope Notes produces statistically significant decreases in depression, anxiety, stress, and internalized stigma, as well as an increase in emotional intelligence.

statistics on significant decreases in depression, anxiety, stress, and internalized stigma

For individuals trying to stay mentally healthy, Cope Notes increases overall coping, especially emotion-focused and problem-focused skills.

statistics on increases in overall coping

Low Cost - High Impact

Cope Notes' unique application of Ecological Momentary Intervention (EMI) delivers preventative support at opportune moments, in real-world settings, to individuals living with or without diagnoses, acute symptoms, smartphones, data plans, or broadband internet access.

"It is essential to consider the public health implications of this work. These findings support that the Cope Notes EMI holds promise as a lowcost, impactful mental health solution for populations who may have limited access to care and those experiencing self-stigma preventing help-seeking." - - Dr. Kristin Kosyluk, Ph.D.

Why Choose Cope Notes?

  • Addresses ACEs
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Circumvents Stigma
  • Does Not Collect PHI
  • Normalizes Help-Seeking
  • Preventative & Interventional

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