Professional Local Government Management

City, town, and county managers make an enormous difference in the communities they serve.

ICMA’s top organizational priority is to continue to build momentum for professionally managed local governments—to demonstrate and promote the “performance dividend” of professional management.

Professional managers, much like executives running private sector corporations, bring together the leadership, vision, and focus on results needed to create better communities by:
  • managing financial and human resources
  • delivering services
  • planning strategically for community development
  • using performance metrics systems to drive continuous improvement
  • committing to high ethical standards

ICMA believes that communities benefit most when professional managers operate in a council-manager form of government, and works hard to promote this system.

ICMA supports this critical priority through:
  • The Future of Professional Management
  • Support for communities striving to bring professional management into their jurisdictions by hiring a professional manager
  • Attracting the next generation of local government leaders
  • Resources and professional development programs through our Life, Well Run initiative. 

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