Highlight from "The School of Athens," Raphael Sanzio. Plato (left, modeled by Leonardo da Vinci) holding 'Timaeus' (dialogue) and Aristotle holding 'Ethics'. Fresco, Apostolic Palace, Rome, Vatican City, 1511.

Teachers and mentors have the greatest impact on our career decisions and aptitude for advancement. Whether you are teaching now, or want to explore how to break into to teaching opportunities, we hope you find the resources in this section and throughout ICMA's site useful in your pursuit of learning and teaching about local government. Use the resource links to the right to explore teaching resources academics and practitioners can use to help prepare yourself or colleagues for teaching local government courses.

ICMA's Advisory Board on Graduate Education is a member-group that brings practitioners and academics together focusing on academic relations, and filling the graduate school pipeline. Members of the ABGE are also a resource you can use to explore teaching and find ways to get involved with educating future local government professional managers.