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Join ResourceX CEO Chris Fabian as he demonstrates their new tool, the OnlinePBB Budgeter.

ResourceX asked local government leaders attending the 2021 ICMA Conference in Portland, OR, "How would you define a 21st Century Budget?" Some of their responses included: "Value-based process, Cross-organizational, Goal-aligned, Equity-focused, Collaborative, Prioritized, Inclusive, Program-based, and Outcome-driven." These responses validated the time and effort ResourceX has invested into converting line-item budgeting into program budgeting, thus achieving a 21st Century Budget. However, challenges such as financial systems, ERPs, and budgeting tools can make it difficult for organizations to stick to programs, leaving a gap between program data and budgeting platforms and making it hard for them to move towards program-based budgets. But now, a tool exists to bridge this gap and help local governments connect their budget processes with the results their communities seek to achieve.

In this webinar, you'll join ResourceX CEO Chris Fabian as he demonstrates their new tool, the OnlinePBB Budgeter, and discusses the benefits of a program-based budget request process while sharing stories from communities already leaping into 21st Century Budgeting. You will learn:

  • How this tool facilitates departmental communication during the budget request process
  • How data created during the Priority Based Budgeting implementation process is tied to each request, informing decision-makers of how each request impacts the priorities they set as elected officials in their communities
  • How requests are loaded with line items impacted, the program's alignment to the organization's overall priorities, the reliance on the organization to provide the service, and much more
  • How specific data can be layered on to determine impact of each program on community initiatives like equity, climate action, homelessness, etc.

This webinar is complimentary for ICMA members thanks to the sponsorship of an ICMA Strategic Partner who will have access to registration information.

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