Smarter Together

Every day, we are experiencing innovation around us at a growing, exponential, rapid pace.

Dec 7, 2016

Every day, we are experiencing innovation around us at a growing, exponential, rapid pace. Engaging in creating innovation, value driven solution development, within our organization often feels like a time intensive and costly process that none but a few of the “elite” can afford. We might believe innovation is happening to us versus for us. With our best wishes, we decide to look for new ideas. We host a brainstorming session that gets squashed with insurmountable obstacles like budget constraints or “we’ve always done it this way” mentalities. We host expensive and complex vision sessions that become clouded with uncertain realities or overall discomfort with change. At the end of the day, we face our own doubts of “How in the world are we going to create this idea with our limited resources?” At that moment, the innovation wish dies before ever seeing the light of day. So what if you knew how to instantly tap into the latent power of people inside and outside your organization to bring innovation to life?  In this webinar you will learn about how to activate and apply the secret ingredient to organizational and community innovation: Co-Creation.


  • The meaning and practice of co-creation as well as real examples of co-creator success.
  • How co-creation transforms ideas into economic development, vibrant communities and change leading organizations.
  • How to map the current and potential co-creators, and the latent genius, within your organization and community.
  • How to spark purpose, focus and commitment from a wide variety of stakeholders simultaneously using a shared story of innovation.
  • Identifying what resources you have and need to continue to unlock co-creative action.


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