Host a Fellow

Joining the LGMF program as a host grants you access to top-quality candidates from schools nationwide. LGMF finalists are MPA/MPP graduates screened by city and county managers, alumni fellows, and academics sent directly to you for consideration and interview.

Fellows assume real responsibility in your organization while gaining unique exposure to local government. They bring skills and expertise to work on a variety of projects that contribute to your organization far beyond that of a summer intern. Think of this as a management apprenticeship to help build the future of local government management. Since the program began in 2004, 19 alumni fellows are now chief administrative officers, eight are assistant chief administrative officers, and even more are in senior positions in local government.

Host Requirements

Host communities are required to provide:

  • A one-year, full-time salary including benefits.
  • State association membership.
  • A mentor to act as primary point of contact and coach.
  • A work plan (prepared and submitted to ICMA before candidate interviews).

*See the LGMF Host Agreement for a full list of host requirements. 

Benefits of Hosting
  • Add 10, 20, or even 40 top-quality MPA/MPP graduates to your recruiting process. The LGMF program delivers as many finalist files as you would like to review from top graduate schools nationwide.
  • Shorten your review time. LGMF applicants are screened by a panel of local government managers, alumni fellows, and academics, saving your staff time and money by eliminating the first screening process.
  • Select from the best of the best. Our rigorous application attracts only the most committed students. Finalists are selected based on academic performance, demonstrated potential, a commitment to public service, communication skills, initiative, creativity, and positive attitude. 
  • Receive finalist files instantly. Our online application and placement system is provided by ICMA strategic partner NEOGOV. You can have access to a pool of applicants as soon as you're ready to hire.
  • Add high-quality talent to your organization. Fellows bring a fresh perspective, valuable skills and experience, and a willingness to take a chance.
  • Give back. The LGMF offers an opportunity for you to build the future of professional management. It offers the fellow the invaluable first job experience with access to coaching and mentoring from a manager. 

*See the Host A Local Government Management Fellow Flyer for more benefits and testimonials.

Share A Fellow

Sharing a fellow allows managers to build capacity in the profession without creating or funding a full-time position and creates a personal link between those communities. If you are interested in this option and would like assistance locating a partner organization to share a fellow, add that to the "comments" section of the host application or e-mail Benefits, recommendations, and testimonials from past shared fellow experiences are also available.

Past LGMF Projects

Fellows can manage a variety of projects for your community. In the past, fellows have:

  • Completed a study for the Emergency Management Department resulting in departmental reorganization with recommendations approved by the board of commissioners.
  • Led a group of county employees in implementing a reverse 911 system and secured 55% of funding from outside sources.
  • Designed an asset management system for the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Drafted an annual update to the city's economic development strategy, reporting on the accomplishments of all the departments' programs related to the strategy.
  • Coordinated the Department of Defense's new Smart Card initiative and its implementation to emergency responders.
  • Developed a firefighter recruitment strategy to diversify the applicant pool; assisted in recruitment through partnership with the NAACP.
  • Provided research for human resources classification and compensation study.

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