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Hear about the essential tools and proven strategies to foster a workplace environment where top talent not only thrives but remains committed, engaged, and motivated. This session will offer actionable insights on talent retention, addressing such key factors as professional development, work-life balance, and effective communication. From mentorship programs to innovative recognition initiatives, this webinar offers ways to retain and nurture your organization's most valuable asset—its people. Join us for this engaging session and take the first step toward creating a Talent Retention Toolbox tailored to your organization.


  1. Identify tools and strategies to keep employees committed and engaged.
  2. Learn about key elements that today’s job seekers are looking for in an organization.
  3. Understand how your department directors impact talent retention and identify how to help them develop a workplace environment that employees won’t want to leave.


  • Nancy Hetrick, Baker Tilly, vice president at Raftelis
  • Gina Nash, city manager, Sachse, Texas
  • Billy Peppers, ICMA-CM, city manager, Canton, Georgia

Practices for Effective Local Government Management and Leadership[13] Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement.

ICMA-CMs: Participation in free coaching webinars qualifies for ICMA-CM (Voluntary Credentialing Program) credit.

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