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Succession Planning

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Join one of ICMA's most popular presenters, Patrick Ibarra, for a webinar on how your organization can establish or improve its succession planning processes.

Are you worried that your internal bench of potential successors is not very deep?  Are you trying to figure out the most effective methods to develop people skills for your future managers and leaders?  Then this might be the webinar for you, because employee seniority doesn’t always translate to competence and technical proficiency isn’t always a predictor of supervisory effectiveness. Succession planning isn’t solely an HR Department issue, it’s not about pre-selection, and it’s not simply about pumping up your training budget.  Gold standard organizations use succession planning to develop and maintain strong leadership at all levels and to ensure that they address all the capabilities employees require for today and tomorrow’s work environment. 

Every organization is designed to achieve the results it gets, so by attending this webinar presented by one of the leading experts in public sector succession planning, Patrick Ibarra of the Mejorando Group, you will develop the skills you need to design and implement organization-wide succession planning that will ensure your agency’s high performance.

ICMA Management and Leadership Practices: [6] Strategic Leadership, [7] Strategic Planning, and [13] Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement

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PATRICK IBARRA and his consulting firm, the Mejorando Group, are passionate about unleashing human potential (patrick@gettingbetterallthetime.com).

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