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ICMA Survey Research: 2015 Local Government Sustainability Practices Survey Report

The 2015 Local Government Sustainability Practices Survey is a joint project of ICMA.

Q&A: Evanston, Illinois, Turns to Town Hall Meetings to Build Equity and Equality

Evanston set about doing intentional, focused, and good work around the issues of equity and empowerment, and committed to doing so in full conversation with the community.

Going Green on Purchasing

Eight Practices to Reduce Environmental Impacts

Growing Local Food Systems: A Case Study on Topsham, ME

This case study highlights local food systems efforts and the role of local government leadership in Topsham, ME.

Advancing Social Equity in Hayward, California

This describes activities, best practices, and achievements of sustainable communities created through a comprehensive, integrated approach supported by inclusive engagement.

The New Gold Mine: Creating A Circular Economy Hub

The New Gold Mine: Creating a Circular Economy Hub - The City of Phoenix is converting 80 acres adjacent to a transfer station that includes a materials...

A winning, sustainable strategy to combat neighborhood graffiti

Put simply, we have a graffiti problem in Adams County. For years, this was addressed through a 3rd-party vendor who averaged just over 200 cleanups a year.

Do More Blue "Jeans"

Do More Blue "Jeans" is an innovative, residential curbside textile (clothing) recycling collection program.