2018 Predictions: Experts Weigh In on Local Government Possibilities

Here's what a handful of local government experts and thought leaders are seeing in their crystal balls.

Jan 16, 2018 | ARTICLE

Wouldn't it be great to be able to predict the new set of possibilities local government professionals are likely to encounter in 2018? Here at ICMA we think so and to help, we asked a group of local government experts and thought leaders to look into the local government crystal ball and share their predictions, views, and tips on the upcoming year in the new e-book 18 on 2018: Predictions on Local Government from 18 Experts.

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In the second edition, you'll see predictions on everything from autonomous vehicles to homelessness and infrastructure to the road ahead for the local government management profession. The words and tips offered by each of the experts might inspire and surprise or even confirm your own thinking about the year ahead. Take a look at a few of the highlights from the new e-book:

On Civic Engagement

"There has never been a greater need to help the individuals and groups within diverse communities get along. Shifting demographics necessitate efforts by local governments to help communities learn about and embrace their differences."
Doug Linkhart, President, National Civic League

On Resilient Leadership

"It’s no secret our communities are experiencing a confluence of changes at an accelerating pace. With technological to environmental, geopolitical to vocational, and generational to socioeconomic unknowns challenging stability, constituents are looking to their local governments to lead with open hearts, clear heads, and steady hands into the future. Now is your time."
Frieda K. Edgette, MSc, ACC, CPCC, Professor at The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management; Novos Consulting

On Environmental Sustainability

"More and more cities have a person, and sometimes a team, devoted to sustainability and resilience. This is an important step toward sustainability, but it is a daunting job. These teams must make sustainability actionable for people in other areas of local government, and they need to include people who aren’t typically focused on this issue." 
Rajul Pandya, Director, Thriving Earth Exchange, American Geophysical Union

On Performance Management

"In 2018, and in the years to come, more cities and organizations will broaden their view of what is included in "performance management." Organizations will begin to focus on more than the traditional benchmarking and progress toward goals as indicators of performance. This widening of the gaze will bring us to a more holistic view of organizational performance." 
Kathleen Weisenberger, Chief Performance Officer, Missouri City, Texas

Treat yourself to 18 unique perspectives that could jumpstart your planning. Download the new e-book today!

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