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ICMA provides resources and technical assistance to help communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters, both natural and manmade. Our guides, e-books, and case studies feature first-person accounts and best practices from experts to provide suggestions for educating, communicating, and engaging with community members, elected officials, and other stakeholders.

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Leadership Before, During, and After a Crisis

Leadership and Professional Local Government Managers

Leading Edge Research: Disaster Recovery Essentials

A tool for preparing your community to face the unexpected.

Local Government Managers Identify Gaps in Disaster Preparedness

New ICMA survey highlights recovery and resilience practices.

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Local Government 101 Online Certificate Program

Give your resume a boost with an ICMA professional certificate in local government management.

Gettysburg Leadership Institute

Gain a strong foundation on how to excel in a leadership position.

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Weathering the Storm: How Local Government Can Balance COVID-19 and Severe Weather with Crisis Management Software

Disasters don’t stop for a virus.

Coronavirus Crisis Response: Resources for Your Community

As communities continue to navigate this ongoing crisis, we've gathered some resources to support local governments.

Perspectives from ICMA Leaders Across the Globe on COVID-19

Managers in the United States and from other countries share their perspectives on dealing with a potential pandemic.

Is Your Local Government Prepared for Heightened Cyber Threats?

Do as much as you can today to strengthen your cyber hygiene and to make it more difficult for the bad guys to infect your systems.

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