Serving on the ICMA Executive Board is a tremendous opportunity to give back to the profession and to advance the efforts of your professional association and peers. ICMA invites prospective candidates to serve as regional vice presidents in the five U.S. regions and the international region. Any member interested in applying should submit candidate materials by January 8, 2021. Candidates will be interviewed by their region’s nominating committee in spring 2021 for nomination to the 2021 election ballot for a vote by general membership to serve on the board for a three-year term beginning October 2021. 

ICMA encourages individuals who are interested in pursuing this leadership opportunity to reach out to their state association president, affiliate organization president, current or former regional vice presidents, and/or regional director, as applicable. 

"Board service is an immense opportunity both personally and professionally. It is incredibly rewarding and humbling at the same time. It opens your eyes to the world and reinforces the immense value that public service brings." - Simon Farbrother, former ICMA President and former ICMA Regional Vice President, International Region

Nominations and Election Process

In the five U.S. regions, candidates are selected by a regional nominating committee composed of representatives from state and affiliate associations and the ICMA President.  In the international region, the regional nominating committee is composed of a group designated by the executive board. Each region's nominating committee is responsible for interviewing and identifying qualified individuals who can best represent our diverse profession. Each nominating committee selects one nominee as its recommended candidate to appear on the election ballot in May 2021 for consideration by the membership. Candidates not selected by the nominating committees may choose to qualify to appear on the ballot by a petition* process.

Question: What do you wish you knew when running for the board that you didn’t know then but can share with potential board applicants?

Answer: "There is sometimes a misconception that the demands of serving on the ICMA Executive Board–and the associated travel–can interfere with the work we do in our communities.  While service on the board is hard work, balance can be achieved.  Much of the work happens remotely and given the advances made during the pandemic, board members have new ways to connect and collaborate.  I know that you get out of board service what you put into it; the work is impactful and can be done without sacrificing the work we each do in our communities." - Troy Brown, ICMA President-Elect and former Regional Vice President, West Coast Region

Eligibility to Serve

Eligibility for board service and the nominations and election process for Regional Vice Presidents are governed by the ICMA Constitution and Regional Nominating Agreements. An ICMA Corporate member must be serving in a full-time appointed position to a local government in order to serve on the ICMA Executive Board. Regional Vice Presidents serve three-year terms. Corporate members include Full members and those Affiliate members with 5 years of service to local government and 5 years of ICMA membership.

The geographical protocols provide the opportunity within the region for all states and countries to be represented. Download the 2021 summary chart of state/country geographic and position-type rotation here.

While all the vice president positions are open to any qualified member, one position in each U.S. region must be held by a non-chief administrative officer (non-CAO). For the 2021 election year a designated non-CAO seat must be filled in the Northeast and Southeast regions. Examples of non-CAOs: A Full member serving as a deputy administrator or assistant city/county manager or an Affiliate member currently in-service to a local government with 5 years of service to local government and 5 years of ICMA membership, i.e. entry/mid-level manager or department head.

Apply by January 8, 2021

ICMA is committed to seeking the best qualified individuals for all vice president positions to make for a balanced board that represents the diversity of our profession and those served by it.  ICMA monitors each board member’s demographics including race, ethnicity, gender, age, geography, jurisdiction-type, population size, and position-type.

Candidates must submit the following items to by January 8, 2021, in order to interview before a Regional Nominating Committee. Materials will be shared with the appropriate Regional Nominating Committee prior to interviews. Late submissions will not be accepted.

  1. A statement of qualifications for board service and view of the issues facing ICMA. Two-page limit.
  2. Current resume.
  3. A list of any contributions made to ICMA and state association or affiliate organizations, such as service on a committee, board, etc.
  4. Thoughtful letters of support from members or letters of endorsement from state, country or affiliate associations that can aid the Regional Nominating Committee in understanding a candidate’s qualities, achievements, and potential contributions to the board. (Optional, but recommended.).    

*A petition signed by 15 Corporate members. A petition is only needed if you wish to have your name appear on the ballot if you are not selected by the Regional Nominating Committee.

"Serving on the ICMA Executive Board has been an exceptional way for me to give back to the profession I love. I feel like I have been able to make a difference, that I’ve helped others, and that I’ve been a part of making an impact on local governments around the world. Because of my board service, my passion for the local government management profession has grown stronger than ever, and I am a better manager as a result."- Karen Pinkos, former ICMA President and former ICMA Regional Vice President, West Coast Region


Explore ICMA’s website. It has comprehensive information on the nominations and election process, general schedule, guidelines and agreements, historical information on state representation, expectations of board service, criteria used to evaluate candidates, contact information, etc.

Contact Us

  • U.S. candidates: If you have questions about the nomination process in your region, contact your state association or affiliate organization president, current or former regional vice presidents, or your regional director. Use the State Leadership / Liaison Directory.
  • International candidates: Contact ICMA staff at or your international regional vice presidents.
  • For general inquiries about the nominations or election process, contact ICMA staff at
  • For questions about membership status, contact ICMA staff at
Question: What have you done on the ICMA Executive Board that are you most proud of?
Answer: "Without a doubt, being part of the class of "good trouble" in driving the constitutional amendments for a more accessible, inclusive, and diverse executive board." - Heather Geyer, former Regional Vice President, Mountain Plains Region