Attribution: Retrofresh!

by Marc Ott, ICMA Executive Director

We pause again to remember those who lost their lives or who were injured in a senseless attack, this week in a Texas church on November 5 and last week on a bicycle path in New York City.  We ask ourselves as professionals, what can we do to make our communities safer?  We chose our profession because of our deep sense of responsibility and that means that once again we check our emergency procedures, make sure our staff are well trained to respond, and bring our calm leadership to the challenges ahead.

Whether that challenge is a terrorist attack, a mass shooting, a cyberattack, or a natural disaster, we learn from others, take stock of our preparedness, and move forward.  The work that we do for our residents is important and the steps we take to protect them makes a difference in their lives.

Following are a few resources that you might find helpful: