Staff Development

Promoting the development and performance of staff and employees throughout the organization.

ICMA is committed to providing workshops that are affordable, accessible, and designed to meet the specific needs of local government professionals. By partnering with localities, state associations, and universities in the delivery of these programs, we are able to reduce travel costs and provide high-quality workshops.

Half-day workshops: $3,960 for states with a signed affiliation agreement with ICMA for up to 50 participants. Non-affiliated states pay an additional fee.

Workshop: Six Ways to Engineer Employee Engagement

According to the latest Gallup report on government workers' engagement, a median of only 29 percent of them are engaged at work.   Disengaged employees stay for what they get from the organization. Engaged workers stay for what they can give.  While high employee engagement doesn’t guarantee high organizational performance, there is a strong linkage: an engaged workforce increases innovation, productivity and overall effectiveness.  In this session, six actions are shared that organizational leaders can implement immediately to improve employee engagement. 
Learning Objectives:
• How to (re)create a healthy workplace culture of personal responsibility.
• How to modernize the approach to recruitment and selection and overall, improve the candidate experience.
• How to provide learning and development opportunities to strengthen the internal bench. (Practice Group 4 - Staff Effectiveness, 6 - Strategic Leadership)

Workshop: Delivering Great Results From Your Vision And Strategic Plan

Organizational Excellence requires that managers focus both on delivering results from their vision and strategic plan and also on developing the culture of their organization. This session will focus on creating results from your vision by focusing on work to both understand and delight your customers, cascading your vision and strategic plan throughout the organization, maximizing individual and team performance, and utilizing transformational performance measures to lead your organization toward excellence. (Practice Group 4 - Staff Effectiveness, 6 - Strategic Leadership)

Workshop: Put Me In, Coach! 

Are you using your coaching skills to improve performance and enhance organizational effectiveness? During this highly interactive workshop, you will learn to speak the language of possibility. While coaching is widely recognized as one of the key skills for developing leaders, it is also a critical tool when working with teams, and helping staff at every level achieve their personal and professional best. Highly motivated staff produce high performance results. Coaching skills may be used to help a senior manager or someone young to the profession find balance in work and life. Coaching may reinforce or correct behavior, increase a high performers ability to stretch beyond good into great, and transform organizational culture so that each individual is recognized as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. This workshop provides practice in the skill of coaching, of trusting intuition, of learning to ask the right questions, and of mining strengths of individuals and organizations. (Practice Groups: 4 - Staff Effectiveness and 5 - Personal Resiliency and Development) 

Workshop: Talent Management: The Next Phase of Succession Planning  

While the subject of succession planning has been the trend the last several years, this has transitioned to the practice of Talent Management wherein organizational leaders are seeking a broader and more systemic approach to building workforce capacity for the 21st century.  This session will feature an emphasis on “next practices” related to the entire spectrum of Talent Management activities including recruitment, selection, performance management, career planning, training/learning and leadership development. (Practice Group: 4 - Staff Effectiveness)

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