Key Project Information



LOCATION: Indonesia (North Sumatra, Banten, West Kalimantan, East Java, South Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara)

ICMA’S ROLE: ICMA will work in 6 provinces to improve local governance and service delivery, strengthen upward accountability and horizontal incentives, and create downward accountability.

Project Details

ICMA is a major sub to The Asia Foundation (TAF) on the USAID Local Governance Enabling Environment (ERAT) Activity, which aims to advance meaningful decentralization in Indonesia by promoting technically sound and politically feasible solutions to improve local governance and service delivery, particularly for the poor, women, and marginalized groups. ERAT seeks to improve Indonesian service delivery at the subnational level by establishing governance systems to enhance oversight mechanisms and effectively manage key service processes. This $38 million, five-year activity will strengthen coherence between national and subnational policies; enhance performance of local service delivery and improve local budget allocation and execution.