Workshops focused on conveying ideas effectively to others; organizational planning and functional/operational expertise.

ICMA is committed to providing workshops that are affordable, accessible, and designed to meet the specific needs of local government professionals. By partnering with localities, state associations, and universities in the delivery of these programs, we are able to reduce travel costs and provide high-quality workshops.

Half-day workshops: $3,960 for states with a signed affiliation agreement with ICMA for up to 50 participants. Non-affiliated states pay an additional fee.

Workshop: Telling People What They May Not Want to Hear

When you tell someone they’re doing something right – they usually smile and thank you for your positive words.  But what happens when you need to tell someone something they may not want to hear?  They could feel embarrassed, resentful or angry.  But, if we only tell people what they want to hear, they will never move from good to great.

Building on the work of Stephen M.R. Covey, Patrick Lencioni and Paul Zak, the focus of this session is how to communicate “hard truths” in a way that raises the level of trust.  It includes:

  • Why telling people what they may not want to hear is an investment that pays off
  • How to set the stage for communicating hard truths
  • Ways to intentionally strengthen relationships with people who already trust you
  • What to do when trust is betrayed 

(Practice Groups 1 and 14)

Workshop: Leading Through Conflict to Shared Success

You can’t lead an organization without leading its people. How are you leading your employees? How are you leading your executive team? How is your executive team leading the organization?
Gain strategies for attacking the root causes of organizational politics, operational confusion, siloed mentalities and dysfunctional office politics.
Practice techniques for navigating conflict with others and nurturing an environment that welcomes healthy, respectful debate.
Reimagine the power of clarifying priorities, crystalizing values and cascading communication to lead your people so they begin rowing together in the same direction.
This workshop will introduce best practices in executive leadership, communication and team building; provide you with an opportunity to practice new skills; and send you back to your home jurisdiction with a new strategy for success. (Practice Group 6 - Strategic Leadership)

Workshop: Six Ways to Engineer Employee Engagement

According to the latest Gallup report on government workers' engagement, a median of only 29 percent of them are engaged at work.   Disengaged employees stay for what they get from the organization. Engaged workers stay for what they can give.  While high employee engagement doesn’t guarantee high organizational performance, there is a strong linkage: an engaged workforce increases innovation, productivity and overall effectiveness.  In this session, six actions are shared that organizational leaders can implement immediately to improve employee engagement. 
Learning Objectives:
• How to (re)create a healthy workplace culture of personal responsibility.
• How to modernize the approach to recruitment and selection and overall, improve the candidate experience.
• How to provide learning and development opportunities to strengthen the internal bench. (Practice Group 4 - Staff Effectiveness, 6 - Strategic Leadership)

Workshop: From Typewriters to iPADs: Communication Across Generations

Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials - in organizations there is an unprecedented blending of generations resulting in communication challenges. This session will identify continuing trends in the workforce and subsequent impacts on the workplace, examine the unprecedented changes younger workers are creating in organizations, and what organizations can utilize to recruit and retain employees from all generations. (Practice Group 11 - Technological Literacy)


Workshop: The "Performance Dividend" of Professional Management: How You Can Demonstrate It Using Performance Measurement

A core belief of all ICMA members is that there is a “performance dividend” for professionally managed communities. But, is this just an article of faith or can you point to specifics in your community that demonstrate this? Are you measuring performance in your community? And, even if you are, are you using those measures to drive organizational effectiveness and improvement? Do you develop council agendas around performance outcomes? Are performance targets key components to your budget? Do you report the performance of your organization to your residents? Can you demonstrate the linkage between the performance of your departments, work teams, and employees and the overall performance goals for your community? This workshop will provide you with concrete steps you can take so that you can provide a confident “yes” to each of these questions, no matter what size your community or your level of financial resources. (Practice Groups: 4 - Staff Effectiveness; 6 - Strategic Leadership; 7 - Strategic Planning; 12 - Financial Management and Budgeting; 8 - Policy Facilitation and Implementation; and 13 - Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement)

Workshop: Essential Management Skills

In this thought-provoking and challenging workshop, the case-study method will be used to focus on relations between elected officials and managers, ethics, and the essential skills of problem analysis, decision-making, and persuasion. Each participant will receive copies of three cases from the textbook Managing Local Government: Cases in Decision Making and must read the cases prior to attending the workshop. (Practice Groups: 1 - Personal and Professional Integrity; 8 - Policy Facilitation and Implementation; and 14 - Communication and Information Sharing;)

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