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Director of Public Works
County of Charles, MD
Job Description

Performs executive management functions and analysis by directing and overseeing the Department of Public Works (DPW). Plans, develops, implements, manages, and evaluates DPW operations, programs, services, activities, and projects which improve the quality of life for the residents of Charles County and ensures county infrastructure and assets are safe and reliable. Establishes strategic plans, goals, and objectives for the department and prioritizes and allocates financial and personnel resources to accomplish envisioned or required results.

DPW consists of two main divisions, Facilities and Utilities, and has multiple locations and work sites. Facilities is responsible for maintaining county owned roads, bridges, buildings, vehicles, and equipment; managing landfill, recycling, and litter control operations; and providing snow removal or emergency response services for severe weather-related road conditions. Utilities is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and compliance monitoring of the water and sewer facilities owned by the County Commissioners to include wells, booster stations, storage tanks, water mains, fire hydrants, water meters, manholes, pump stations, sewer mains, and wastewater treatment plants. Both divisions also provide educational and outreach opportunities for residents to learn about services and programs.

• Develops, implements, and evaluates long-term and short-term strategic plans, goals, and objectives for the department. Periodically reviews and updates DPW plans, goals, and objectives to ensure alignment with county and commissioner goals and objectives.
• Plans, develops, implements, manages, and evaluates operations, programs, services, activities, and projects to support strategic plans and meet or exceed established goals and objectives. Consults with executive and senior management, end users, and regulatory agencies as appropriate to discuss the needs or issues related to department activities or projects. Monitors results and takes appropriate actions or make adjustments to improve results when needed. Reports on overall progress and results as required or requested.
• Ensures efficient maintenance and operation of buildings, vehicles, equipment, and systems. Verifies inspection and preventive maintenance schedules are established. Confirms inspections are performed at the appropriate intervals and preventive maintenance maximizes the safety and life of infrastructure and assets. Recommends replacement of obsolete vehicles, equipment, systems, or structures.
• Directs and oversees DPW’s emergency response to weather-related or other events. Coordinates response activities with executive management and senior management, other County departments and divisions, and external agencies as needed.
• Establishes, reviews, and approves standard operational procedures. Reviews and evaluates new or existing industry standards, codes, regulations, and practices to develop procedures. Designs procedures to ensure work performed by employees and contractors is completed in a safe, efficient, quality, and cost-effective manner and complies with applicable codes, standards, regulations, and contracts.
• Manages, coordinates, and evaluates financial and personnel resources. Identifies priorities and assigns or delegates responsibilities to maximize resources within budgetary or other constraints.
• Hires, trains, supervises, evaluates, and disciplines personnel in accordance with county policies and procedures. Mediates and resolves disputes, complaints, and claims.
• Seeks opportunities to motivate employees and demonstrate, develop, or enhance employee skills and competencies. Plans for succession of key personnel.
• Ensures required qualifications and selection criteria are adequate for contracted activities or projects and serves on selection committee to interview firms and evaluate proposals. Reviews, compares, and evaluates estimates, change orders, and contracts for proposed work to determine the best option.
• Reviews and approves requisitions for goods or services, ensures asset forms are completed, and approves invoices for payment.
• Analyzes complex operations, programs, services, activities, and projects and makes recommendations for improvement. Recommendations may include reallocating financial or personnel resources, changing the organizational structure, expanding or reducing the scope or availability of program and services, and other methods to reduce costs, strengthen controls, or increase productivity, efficiency, or effectiveness.
• Presents and recommends actions on a broad range of County or DPW policies, procedures, operations, programs, services, activities, and projects to the Board of County Commissioners. Prepares or reviews other oral and written presentations as needed or requested.
• Develops annual budget, using historical information and costs estimates, for capital investment priorities and operational requests. Monitors expenditures and adjusts as needed to ensure expenditures remain within budgetary constraints. Submits requests to transfer funds or obtain additional funds as needed.
• Oversees inventory and records management for the department. Confirms DPW procures, stores, and distributes supplies and materials economically, efficiently, and in accordance with County and DPW policies and procedures. Ensures records are maintained and disposed in accordance with applicable retention policies and procedures.
• Directs preparation of management reports. Analyzes results, develops and presents conclusions and recommendations, and implements necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and achieve better workflow processes, measures, and results.
• Reviews accident or injury reports and ensures corrective action for violations or concerns are implemented timely and reduce the risk of reoccurrence. Verifies employees and contractors are knowledgeable of applicable codes, standards, regulations and contract requirements or specifications as well as how to prevent, detect, and correct unsafe conditions or violations.
• Interacts and coordinates communication with citizens, customers, contractors, regulatory or oversight agencies, County departments or divisions, and other agencies or parties in response to requests for information, to explain work requirements, or to provide guidance. Keeps all interested and involved parties informed and implements appropriate actions to maintain effective communication and coordination in the event of delays or other problems.
• Ensures compliance with all county, state, and federal policies, procedures, codes, standards, regulations, laws, and contracts applicable to DPW. Remains aware of legal, regulatory, and policy developments affecting areas of responsibility and enforces requirements impartially.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in in Civil Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Business Management, Facility Management, or related field. Ten (10) years of progressively responsible experience with operation and management in one or more of the following areas: water and sewer systems, buildings, solid waste and recycling programs, and road systems, or an equivalent combination of education, experience, and training. Construction experience in these areas helpful.

Licenses or Certifications:
Must possess a valid driver's license.

Special Requirements/Qualifications:
Subject to work beyond the normal scheduled hours of work.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Knowledge of codes, standards, regulations, principles, and practices for the operation and maintenance activities of water and sewer systems, landfills, buildings, roads, vehicles, and equipment as applied to the responsibilities of the department.
• Knowledge of appropriate allocation and coordination of personnel and financial resources.
• Knowledge of county policies and procedures, standard operational practices, and safety regulations.
• Knowledge of customer service and quality standards.
• Knowledge of general office procedures and the use of computers, calculators, software, and other office equipment.
• Ability to plan, organize, and direct the operations of a large, decentralized department.
• Ability to provide advice, estimates, projections, options, and proposals to the Board of County Commissioners, County Administrator, and County staff.
• Ability to create and support a proactive and positive attitude to lead, motivate, develop, and direct employees.
• Ability to set, prioritize, and achieve goals.
• Ability to effectively manage conflict and resolve disputes.
• Ability to read and understand plans and specifications.
• Ability to successfully communicate, both orally and in writing.
• Ability to actively listen to customers, coworkers, and supervisors.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.
• Skill to evaluate costs and benefits of potential actions to determine the most appropriate solution.
• Skill to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions.
• Skill to prepare accurate records and reports.

The work is mostly sedentary with periods of light physical activity. The position requires employees to walk or stand for long periods; lift and carry up to 20 pounds; climb stairs; bend, reach, hold, grasp, and turn objects; and use fingers to operate computer or typewriter keyboards. The work requires the ability to speak normally and to use normal or aided vision and hearing.

Principal duties of this job are performed in a general office and plant surroundings environment.

Appointed position that reports to the County Administrator and serves at the pleasure of the County Commissioners.

Deputy Director of Public Works/Facilities
Deputy Director of Public Works/Utilities

Job Details
$98,904 - $158,684
Job Function:
Public Works Director
Position Type:
Full Time
County of Charles
PO Box 2150
La Plata, MD 20646-2150
United States
Population: 149,130
Form of Government: County Council-Administrator/Manager

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