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County Administrator
County of Lexington, SC
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Lexington County Administrator

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The County of Lexington, SC is seeking qualified applicants for the position of County Administrator. The Administrator reports to nine members of county council elected from single member districts. Lexington County utilizes a Council-Administrator form of government. The County Administrator implements all County policies as director by County Council and will lead the organization’s 1900 staff members to ensure exceptional delivery of services and responsible fiscal management. Fourteen departments report directly to the County Administrator. In addition, there are elected constitutional officers and appointed officials leading additional departments that are part of the overall County organization and fiscal responsibilities.

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Primary Responsibilities


Carries out the directives and policies of the County Council using sound independent judgement; Enforces all directives, ordinances, resolutions, regulations of the County Council, and the applicable provisions of Federal and South Carolina law to assure execution.
Supervises, directs, and controls all County administrative departments, excluding those under the direction of elected and appointed officials.
Educates County department and division leaders regarding management, budget, financial, administrative, and related policies. Establishes regular leadership team meetings to discuss and evaluate compliance with adopted and approved policies.
Implements and enforces administrative operating procedures, rules, or guidelines; Maintains complete documentation of all administrative orders, rules, and regulations which are consistent with the County Code and policies approved by County Council.
Establishes accountability measures for all County operations and collaborates with leadership team to manage period analysis of efficiency.

Strategic Planning & Strategic Initiatives

Reviews, analyzes, and forecasts trends of County services. Advises County Council and makes recommendations for change as necessary.
Directs and coordinates short-term and long-range work planning to include goal setting, prioritizing, funding, monitoring, and reporting.
Develops long-term goals and long-term strategic plans in conjunction with the County Council. Implements action items within affected departments to achieve long term goals. Establishes related evaluation and accountability procedures.
Continuously monitors and evaluates the efficiency, effectiveness, and the County’s service delivery and governance. Implements actions to improve services as approved by County Council.
Evaluates all County services and implements strategies to improve overall efficiency and service. Works with County Council and other elected County officials to discuss recommendations for improving County services, operations, and programs.
Organizes task forces and special projects to address organizational, administrative, and management needs as approved by the County Council.
Evaluates revenue and budget forecasts and adjusts administrative decisions accordingly.

Financial and Budget Oversight

Manages the annual budgeting process to include preparing and submitting an annual balanced operating budget, a capital budget, and a capital program to the County Council for its consideration and adoption. Establishes procedures to be followed by all County Departments, divisions, offices, and agencies to ensure compliance.
Negotiates contracts or other instruments on behalf of the County Council and the County.
Establishes accountability measures for department leaders regarding effective budget management.
Ensures safekeeping of County Council funds, assets, and the maintenance of financial accounting records.
Assists elected and appointed department heads regarding budget creation and presentation to meet program needs and requirements of planned services.
Collaborates with the Chief Financial Officer to ensure the completion of the annual audit.
Evaluates equipment needs of all County departments and authorizes procurement of needed equipment with the approval of County Council.
Manages capital improvement programs and partners with department heads to understand personnel, space, and equipment needs

Crisis Management

Leads during crisis situations, such as weather emergencies or other emergencies, and advises Department Directors during such periods.
Manages the media response during emergency situations, in conjunction with the County Public Information Office, ensuring that citizens are appropriately informed.
Ensures that personnel in all departments receive training for crisis situations and that emergency response teams are adequately equipped to respond.
Orders any department under his/her jurisdiction, per County Code, to perform any task typically performed by another department on a temporary basis, if deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the County. Delegates administrative duties and responsibilities to the Department Directors and other County personnel.
Guides public information staff regarding media talking points and response to media inquiries during times of crisis.

Talent and Team Development

Appoints Department Directors and other members of County service who serve at the discretion of the Administrator. Employs, pursuant to positions authorized and the County Code, the personnel necessary to administer County functions and services.
Selects, employs, promotes, and supervises all personnel under his or her jurisdiction, filling all budgeted vacancies and authorized positions.
Employs strategies to attract new talent utilizing innovative methods. Employs strategies to retain existing employees.
Adjusts compensation levels per the County’s Personnel Policies and Classification and Compensation Plan. Keeps County Council abreast of the increasingly competitive talent landscape.
Suspends, discharges, removes, reassigns, or otherwise disciplines employees as needed under his/her jurisdiction. Serves as final authority for all employee hires, promotions, transfers, discharges, and disciplinary measures, under the authority of the County Administrator.
Ensures that procedures are in place for County personnel to participate in standardized onboarding and orientation activities as well as on-going training/professional development opportunities.
Coaches, mentors, and guides senior leadership staff, providing necessary training and support to accomplish goals set for their respective departments.



Bachelor’s degree in public administration, business administration, or related field from an accredited college or university is required.
Master of Public Administration is preferred.
Experience and Skills

Progressively responsible local government experience at the executive level of Administrator, Manager, Deputy Administrator, or Assistant Administrator for a county or municipality is required.
Expertise in local government, strategic planning, budgeting, and personnel management is also required.
Experience developing long-term strategic plans is required
Expertise in overseeing complex budgets and leading or participating in the budgeting process
Ability to lead in crisis situations and establish crisis management procedures
Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
Excellent decision-making and leadership abilities
Technical skills and the ability to quickly learn new software and technology tools
Ability to follow the SC Code of Laws relating to the powers and duties for the County Administrator under the Council - Administrator form of County Government.

Required Leadership Competencies

Public Sector Leadership: Demonstrate a high-energy, optimistic, and contagious passion for public service and the County’s mission and values. Establish and preserve the reputation as an authentic, humble, and trusted leader. Possess the capacity to respond positively to unpredictability and to adapt to population growth, issues facing Lexington County, crisis situations, and the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Strategic Visionary: Identify opportunities for more effective delivery of programs and services and clearly articulate a positive vision of the future to all stakeholders. Analyze trends impacting the county and state, research continuous improvement strategies, review trends in local government, identify opportunities for creating efficiencies, and define evolving organization-wide standards and goals.

Effective Communicator: Provide clear and authentic communication to all levels of constituents (internal and external). Ensure proactive and comprehensive communication with the Council, employees, and business & community leaders across Lexington County.

Results Orientation: Diligently monitor performance standards and hold each department accountable for meeting established goals, deadlines, and service delivery expectations. Ensure exceptional quality of work and customer service. Develop and implement clear expectations and key performance indicators.

Business Acumen: Exhibit fundamental business understanding and knowledge, including a strong financial acumen and a solid understanding of local government management and the public sector. Thoroughly and proactively create and manage infrastructure to support the County’s strategic goals.

Adaptability: Possess a strong capacity to respond positively to unpredictability and change and to adapt to shifts in the local government ecosystem as well as issues affecting the County and its constituents.

Talent & Team Development: Build and align high performing teams with a shared commitment to high-quality customer service, problem solving, and collaboration. Cultivate healthy relationships and trust among teams and stakeholders.

Engagement & Collaboration: Create a culture that encourages collaborative decision making and engagement across the organization. Develop policies and procedures that empower employees to express ideas and seek input and guidance from colleagues, Council, and community partners.


County Council will make a competitive salary and benefits offer commensurate with the selected person’s experience and education. Lexington County offers an excellent benefit package that includes comprehensive health insurance as well as inclusion in the State of SC Retirement System.

To Apply

Interested candidates are asked to submit a resume and email of interest to Christin Mack, Manager of Public Sector Executive Search with Find Great People, at Please indicate “Application for Lexington County Administrator” in the subject line and ensure accurate contact information is included on the resume attached. Candidates must meet the qualifications listed above to be considered.

Job Details
Job Function:
Chief Administrator (City, County, Town Manager)
Position Type:
Full Time
County of Lexington
212 S Lake Dr
Lexington, SC 29072-3437
United States
Population: 267,129
Form of Government: County Council-Administrator/Manager

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