Job Details

Performance and Data Analyst
City of Gainesville, FL
Job Description

The ideal candidate will be highly knowledgeable about data and measuring aspects of operational functions, user experiences, community impact and desired outcomes. They will have familiarity with database and information system technologies and be proficient in MS Office Suite programs. Experience with FME, Python, Tableau and other related applications is preferred.

Some of the responsibilities include:
Oversee the City of Gainesville's openData portal and work closely with internal stakeholders to ensure data accuracy and integrity, as well as collaborate with community partners.

Utilize the City's openData platform to create effective monitoring and reporting systems that tie into organizational decision-making.

Oversee the data governance team at the City of Gainesville and work to establish appropriate rules and procedures for effective data management.

Job Details
Job Function:
Position Type:
Full Time
City of Gainesville
PO Box 490
Gainesville, FL 32627
United States
Population: 125,326
Form of Government: Council-Manager

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