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Finance Director
City of Flint, MI
Job Description

Open Until Filled

The City of Flint, MI (Pop. 96,500) is seeking a
seasoned, municipal finance professional to join the
administrative team of newly elected Mayor
Sheldon Neeley. This position is ideal for the
professional who is committed to making a
difference. The CFO will play an important role in
building and maintaining a highly motivated
workforce dedicated to the continuing
revitalization of the City and will have plenty of
opportunities to demonstrate leadership and
innovation in concert with other like-minded

Flint is a mid-sized, mid-western city with an
economy built on industrial manufacturing,
continuing education and medical research. Located
on the Flint River, the City is the regional hub of
Genesee County (Pop. 400,000) and home to
businesses and colleges which significantly
increases the daytime population. Its challenges are
well-publicized (i.e. Flint Water Crisis which is
being addressed with State Federal and
philanthropic dollars) but overlook the strength,
passion and heart of the community.
Flint is a place that has changed the world.
Repeatedly. It is the birthplace of both General
Motors and the UAW. It is the community that
developed the very concepts of community
foundations, land banks and community schools --
all of which became national models. Innovative
work now is underway here to prove the value of
universal access to early childhood education (birth
to five) and how planning can help a city evolve and
flourish after significant population loss.
Flint is located about 60 miles north of Detroit and
about 60 miles south of the forests and lakes of
rural Northern Michigan. It is intersected with
three major highways, including US-23 as well as
and Interstates 69, which stretches from Canada to
Mexico, and Interstate 75, which continues from
Michigan all the way to Florida. Air service and
travel is provided by Bishop International Airport
with connections to major US cities. The City also
contains an extensive railway system which includes
Amtrak service. Internally, the City consists of 500
miles of road and 1,500 miles of underground
water and sewer lines.
Those with active and social life styles will enjoy
the many opportunities to recreate in revitalized
Downtown Flint including organized groups of
kayakers along the Flint River, joggers, runners and
bicyclists which gather on regular schedules.
Venues offering cultural events are plentiful along
with other amenities typically only available in
much larger communities.

The City of Flint is in the process of filling key
department head positions as part of the plan to
build a strong management team that will provide
stability and long term sustainability in the

The Finance Director position is one of the key
department head positions to be filled and
oversees and directs all aspects of the city’s
finances, including preparation and administration
of the city strategic plan, budget, and oversight of
accounting, payroll, grant reporting and purchasing.
The position also supervises a staff of 12 employees
including the directors of treasury, purchasing,
assessing, and fleet management. The Finance
Director is a mayoral appointment who reports to
the City Administrator.

A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Accounting, or a related field and five years of
financial management experience is required. A CPA credential is
highly desirable. The starting salary range for the position is $95,000- $110,000.

Job Details
$95,000 - $110,000
Job Function:
Finance Director
Position Type:
Full Time
City of Flint
1101 S Saginaw St
Flint, MI 48502-1420
United States
Population: 101,558
Form of Government: Mayor-Council

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