Job Details

GIS Administration
City of Burleson, TX
Job Description

Under the direction of the Director of Information Technology, design, operate, oversee, install and maintain the City of Burleson Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Ability to Implement and manage GIS integration to various departmental software resources. Maintain web based mapping applications and provide map services to various software applications. Knowledge in SQL server use for creating views and linking other data sources to GIS. Provide assistance/training to City personnel, and assist in generating both spatial and tabular reports.

[S = Sedentary (0-10 lbs); L = Light (10-25 lbs); M = Medium (25-50 lbs);
H = Heavy (50-100 lbs); VH = Very Heavy (over 100 lbs)].
Exerted Description of
Job Duties
L Manage the collection and input of tabular and spatial data into the GIS. Create and maintain GIS databases and enforces GIS database standards in coordination with other City departments.
S Maintenance of web based applications, GIS database administration, and data transfers to various GIS related software systems.
S Make design changes to the GIS databases to further enhance usability.
S Budget and plan for the continued implementation and growth of the infrastructure management system.
S Prepare graphs, chart, maps and other exhibits for use by City staff and for presentations to civic groups, City Council, various City boards and commissions, and City administration.
S Assist with installations and computer configurations associated with GIS and GIS integrated software.
S Hires, manages and trains assigned employees within established guidelines, preparing performance evaluations, identifying and providing training programs, and taking personnel actions where needed while coaching for improvement and development as needed.
S Regular attendance at the worksite required.
Perform other duties as assigned

This position supervises the Sr. GIS Analyst and GIS Analyst positions.

• Ability to determine data needs and select the best methods of capturing, storing, and retrieving data.
• Understands and is proficient in the use of ESRI: ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcSDE, and Microsoft: SQL Server, Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Access, and Word), and Windows operating system.
• Ability to provide technical assistance/training related to GIS.
• Knowledge of public infrastructure and its associated terminology.
• Knowledge of terminology used in engineering plats, plans, and contracts.
• Knowledge of cartographic design and drafting principles.
• Skill in reading legal descriptions, city maps, plats and constructions plans.
• Skill in organizing and maintaining plats, maps, and construction plans.
• Skill in operating personal computers and peripherals associated with GIS.
• Skill in communicating with customers to determine their needs.
• Ability to prepare and maintain GIS data dictionary and metadata
• Ability to establish effective working relationships with others.
• Ability to read and understand technical documents and manuals, as well as ability to write such documents for use by others.
• Must be familiar with networking concepts and implementations.

• Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Geography, or Computer Science, or
• Associates Degree in Engineering Technology, Geography, or Computer Science plus two years of experience in the field of GIS development or
• Four years of experience in the field of GIS development or any combination of experience and education.

• Valid Class “C” Texas Driver License with good driving record

Job Details
$62,071 - $77,589
Job Function:
Division Manager
Position Type:
Full Time
City of Burleson
141 W Renfro St
Burleson, TX 76028-4261
United States
Population: 37,217
Form of Government: Council-Manager

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