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ICMA promotes ethical conduct by providing confidential advice to members, offering insight on real world issues in Public Management's (P.M.)  monthly column, Ethics Matter!, and providing guidance to local government officials. 


Topics of Interest

Access ethics advice along with real world examples published in P.M.  Can't find your issue or need advice? Please contact Martha Perego, ICMA's ethics director at 202/962-3668. 

 Appearance Issues

 Length of Service

 Appointment Commitment

 Media Relations

 Ballot Measure Issues

 Personal Relationships

 Conflicts of Interest

 Personnel and Equal Opportunity Issues

 Consulting and Outside Employment

 Policy Issues


 Professional Respect/Courtesy

 Dual Roles

 Public Confidence

 Elected Official Relationships


 Employment and Compensation Issues

 Recall Elections

 Endorsements and References

 Reporting Unethical Conduct

 Ethical Leadership

 Running for Elected Office


 Social Media

 General Ethics Guidance

 Supporting a Candidate for Elected Office

 General Political Activity

 Volunteer Service



 Interim/Retired Managers