Monthly Rundown: February 2019

#LocalGov Highlights You Don't Want to Miss!

Feb 28, 2019 | BLOG POST

by Paloma Ferreira, marketing and creative services assistant, ICMA 

This Monthly Rundown is a collection of #LocalGov highlights from the month of February. Consider it a friendly reminder of the content you might need to catch up on from ICMA. 

PM Article: Local Government Management Fellows: Where Are They Now? Catch up with former ICMA Local Government Management Fellows and see where the program has led them.

What Makes Your Community Smart? Three Trends in the Smart City Movement. Local governments are expected to use smart, new technology to deliver services these days. With limited resources, local leaders work to deliver these services by seeking out smart city solutions that meet their needs. This month's "Facts and Stats" blog reviews trends in the smart city movement based on our recent survey, offering insights into the activities and priorities of local governments testing smart solutions.

Write for PM magazine! Don’t miss the opportunity to write for upcoming issues of the premiere local government magazine, Public Management (PM)! Join featured writers, like author Daniel Pink, and have your article read by an audience of more than 12,000 appointed local government officials. Review the PM editorial guidelines for more details and submit your writing proposals to

2019 ICMA Regional Conferences. The 2019 ICMA Regional Conferences will send you home with the ideas and the know-how you need to reshape and create new innovations in your organization and community.

ICMA Podcasts. Local Gov Life highlights successful programs and projects that enhance the quality of life in communities.

Member Spotlight: Aretha Adams. Town Manager Aretha Adams, MPA, shares her advice for women and minorities looking to pursue a career in local government. 

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