Making the “right” decision is always difficult when it comes to complex organizations. This reality is even more compounded in local government, where we must consider the impacts of our decisions on the workforce and the community. All the while, we are further constrained by federal and state laws outside of our control. Thus, decision-making in local government requires sound planning, community engagement, and fiscal preparation to ensure the goals of the local governing body are adequately met and sustainable.  

However, in a moment of crisis, we lose the luxury of time, which is necessary for strategic planning and preparation. Instead, we must react tactically and address the immediate issues while relying upon the groundwork we have laid prior to the crisis. In the face of COVID-19, local governments across the country are confronted with this reality as we strive to maintain government operations, adjust to new realities, and help our communities remain vibrant and economically stable in the wake of this pandemic. 

Since launching ICMA Connect, members have been raising new questions, sharing their experiences, and offering policies, documents, and solutions to the challenges they face. While every locality is different, and there is no one “right” answer to many of the questions raised, what is certain is that this learning community is invaluable during times of crisis. Whether you need to understand some of the legal obstacles and technical challenges of conducting virtual town hall meetings, or you need guidance on how to ensure equity in pay, benefits, and telework opportunities for your workforce, ICMA Connect is a great place to make connections and reach out to others who are going through this crisis with you.  

Join in the discussions. Share your own experiences. Together, we can make more informed decisions, learn from each other, and discover new paths forward to serving our community and our employees.

In the meantime, here are some great resources from ICMA on decision-making during a crisis:

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For additional information, visit ICMA’s Coronavirus Resource page.

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