This PM Magazine Special Supplement includes observations and commentary from local government leaders, along with resources for addressing the needs of your community and ways to take action.

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Inside you'll find:

Fostering Economic Inclusion, Social Equity, and Justice for People of Color — Advice for City Managers

Valerie Lemmie, Director of Exploratory Research, The Kettering Foundation

Beyond the Birdcage: Insights to Understand, Analyze, and Improve

Dr. Kurt Wilson, local government advocate, educator, and consultant

Let’s Be the Change

Opal Mauldin-Jones, ICMA-CM, city manager, Lancaster, Texas

Crucial Conversations to Challenge the Status Quo

David Ellis, county manager, Wake County, North Carolina

Against Racial Injustice and Declaration that Black Lives Matter

Rochelle Small-Toney, city manager, Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Conflicting Loyalties: Black City Managers During a Time of George Floyd

Kenneth Williams, city manager, Buda, Texas

National Forum for Black Public Administrators: Partnering to Take Action for Positive Change

Anthony J. Snipes, ICMA-CM, president, National Forum for Black Public Administrators

Silence is Complicity: Can White America Demonstrate that Black Lives Matter?

Ron Carlee, D.P.A., assistant professor, Old Dominion University

Case Study: City of Sanford, Florida — 2012 Shooting of Trayvon Martin

Foreword by Norton N. Bonaparte Jr., ICMA-CM, City Manager, Sanford, Florida

Rethinking Our Role as Servant Leaders

John Shaw, ICMA-CM

A Message from the Executive Director

ICMA Executive Board Statement Regarding Systemic Racism

Social Justice Resources

Racial Equity Action Plans: A How-to Manual (GARE)

Advancing Racial Equity and Transforming Government: A Resource Guide to Put Ideas Into Action (GARE)


For more, please visit our topic page for ICMA resources that may be helpful to local government leaders as they address the current crisis of public trust, civil unrest, and social justice

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