International Perspectives and Idea Sharing Around Performance Management

ICMA's new e-book on performance management includes multiple examples of applying data to better management and decision making, including a number of international applications.

Aug 16, 2019 | ARTICLE

我们需要什么样的绩效管理?(What Kind of Performance Management Do We Need?)

When cities in the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area decided to form the Valley Benchmark Cities performance consortium, they took as their model a similar effort in Ontario, which eventually grew to become the Muncipal Benchmarking Network Canada.

Whether building on one specific example as in this case, or simply sharing leading practices, there are multiple opportunities to learn from the experience of peers around the world in the area of performance management.

Getting Started: Performance Management for Local Government, a new e-book that is available as a free download for ICMA members, includes discussion of performance management applications in the United States, Canada, Australia, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and as the opening line implies, China. 

To facilitate an ongoing discussion around this topic, share your experience on ICMA Connect. How are you using performance data in your operations or learning from the experience of those in other countries?  If you're not measuring your performance yet, consider the examples in the e-book your roadmap (or world map) to jumpstarting a program in your own jurisdiction.


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