2018 Conference Keynote Spotlight: Greg Bell

Be energized and inspired by the concept of courageous leadership, as explained by Tuesday morning's conference keynote speaker.

ARTICLE | May 16, 2018
Greg Bell

What makes a leader transformational?

Throughout time, people have searched for the precise blend of ingredients that create this highly sought-after leadership style. Greg Bell, Tuesday keynote speaker for ICMA’s 104th Annual Conference, September 23-26, in Baltimore, Maryland, believes that courage is the one leadership characteristic that influences and strengthens all others.

Great leaders, according to Bell, are willing to swim against the stream. They don’t wait for their fear to subside. Resilient, they confront it head on. Everyone has the capacity to be courageous, and as an innovator and keen observer of highly successful leaders and teams, Bell has learned that the key to success is having the courage to use the skills you already possess to achieve a result greater than you previously imagined. Get a sense of Bell’s thinking through his leadership blog.

Through powerful stories and eye-opening anecdotes based on his popular book, Water the Bamboo: Unleashing the Potential of Teams and Individuals, Bell will show conference attendees how to unleash their tenacity and cultivate the bravery and leadership potential of those around them.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Bell is a thought leader, business consultant, and leadership coach who has inspired an array of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Disney, and Comcast, to the Portland Trail Blazers and Division 1 NCAA athletic teams such as the Oregon Ducks Football and the Gonzaga Bulldogs Basketball.

Bell holds political science and law degrees from the University of Oregon. He is also the force behind Coaches vs. Cancer, a campaign for the American Cancer Society that has raised more than $87 million for cancer research. In addition to his corporate leadership experience, Bell is a TEDx Talk alum and serves on the advisory board for the Portland TEDx conference series.

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Registration for the ICMA Virtual Conference also opens on June 6, so consider this cost-effective alternative if you can’t join us in Baltimore.




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