Registration Is Closed

Registration rates and deadlines for the ICMA 103rd Annual Conference at the Henry B. González Convention Center.

Online Registration Is Closed.

Onsite registration will be available Saturday, October 21.




Registration postmarked/faxed by August 10:                                



Registration postmarked/faxed by September 21:                         



Registration postmarked/faxed after September 21:               




All registration cancellations will be charged a $75 processing fee regardless of when received. ICMA University workshop cancellations are charged an additional $35 processing fee.

Cancellation requests must be in writing! Conference registration cancellations and/or cancellations of social event, sports, luncheons, or field demo tickets will be accepted through Monday, October 16. No cancellations will be accepted after Monday, October 16.   

There is no processing fee for ticket refunds. This policy is intended to assist those attendees who are forced to cancel at the last minute because of unanticipated job demands. Refunds will be processed no later than 15 days from the conference end.

There will be no ticket refunds at the conference. However, for your convenience in making last-minute changes in plans, a ticket brokerage desk will be set up on site at the conference, where we will attempt to sell your tickets for cash only to other attendees. Please note that because of guarantee requirements on ticketed events, no ticket brokerage sales for an event will take place until the event is sold out.

Address all cancellations to:

ICMA Conference Cancellations 
Attention: Matthew Watson 
777 North Capitol Street, NE 
Suite 500 
Washington, D.C. 20002-4201 
FAX 202- 962-3678 


  • The Welcoming Reception on Sunday, October 22, is included in the registration fee for all paid registrants. Unless otherwise indicated, individuals receiving complimentary registrations, including honorary members, student members, nonmember speakers, Senior Advisors, special guests and their partners, press, and children age 6 and older, must purchase a ticket if they are interested in attending the Welcoming Reception.
  • All mail-in registrations received after October 4, will be treated as on-site registrations. 
  • To avoid duplicate billings and registrations, if you fax your registration form, please do not also mail your form.
  • You will receive written confirmation within 15 business days of receipt of your registration form.
  • No registrations or cancellations will be accepted over the telephone.
  • No registration cancellations will be accepted after October 16.
  • No ticket cancellations for social events, sports events, luncheons, or field demos will be accepted after October 16.

Do you have questions about conference registration, hotel reservations, or travel arrangements to San Antonio?

Call ICMA Customer Service at (202) 962-3680 or e-mail your question to

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