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Guest Information

Jim McClurkin, VP of sales, public sector, SAP Concur

Miriam Rayward, senior value consultant, SAP Concur

Episode Notes

City and County government organizations face significant challenges, including budget constraints, changing regulations, and increasing demand for transparency and accountability. Finance transformation can help address these challenges by improving financial processes, increasing efficiency, and enhancing decision-making capabilities. 

Jim McClurkin and Miriam Rayward explain how initial assessment, defining vision and objectives, developing a roadmap, engaging stakeholders, and implementing and monitoring progress, local government organizations can begin their finance transformation journey, including:

  • Integration across multiple functions, departments, and projects. HR, payroll, t+e, accounts payable, compliance, etc).
  • Talent and change management.
  • Analytics for real-time decision making instead of waiting until "budget season".
  • Tips on how to optimize processes with new technology.


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