NLC’s newest Municipal Action Guide: Roadmap to Repair: A Guide to How Cities Can Acknowledge and Address the History of Harm to Indigenous Peoples, Rebuild Trust, and Repair Relationships.

Resources from the 2022 ICMA Equity Summit | Ready or Not! Moving from Discourse to Action

Equity: From Interest to Action for Colorado Local Government Professionals

Capstone project: Matthew Hirschinger, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Arvada, Colorado; sponsored by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.

St Paul, MN: Racial Equity Toolkit and 2022 Equity Language

ICMA Equity and Inclusion Toolkit

Strategies and leading practices in use in communities around the world.

Equity Framework and Rapid Response Tool

City of San Antonio Office of Equity


GARE Tools and Resources

Tools and resources from the Government Alliance on Race and Equity 

PolicyLink Tools

Tools and resources from PolicyLink.

Living Cities Resources

National Equity Atlas

Resources from Living Cities.


The Model Police Officer: Recruitment, Training, and Community Engagement

ICMA's survey on police recruitment, training, and community engagement from the perspectives of management, police administration, officers, human resources, and the community.

Black Lives Matter: Racial Disparity and a Review of Police-Community Relations (PDF)

In 2014, race disparity and police use of force collided to become the top issue in urban America.


Advancing Social Equity Goals to Achieve Sustainability: Local Governments, Social Equity, and Sustainable Communities

Historically Marginalized Populations Toolkit

Building an Inclusive Workforce