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National Research Center, Inc., is ICMA’s preferred provider of citizen/resident/employee surveys.

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ICMA has identified surveys for data-driven decisions as a leading practice for local governments to pursue in evaluating their performance, enhancing their communications with the community, and helping with decision making. It is proud to partner with National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) to bring education and technical assistance to help you implement effective and proven data methods for your organization.

National Research Center, Inc., is a leading survey research and evaluation firm focusing on the information requirements of the public sector. NRC’s highly skilled team of social science researchers has extensive experience and insight into local government. Its staff demonstrates advanced expertise in survey methodology, analysis, and best practices. NRC has served local governments and other public sector entities for more than 20 years.

The ICMA/NRC partnership creates a cost-effective solution, guarantees accurate and scientific results, and produces complete reports that make sense to an array of community stakeholders.

Citizen and Employee Surveys

Developed by NRC and pioneered jointly with ICMA, NRC offers and administers a range of benchmarking surveys to help you put your results into meaningful context. These benchmarking surveys, including The National Citizen Survey™ (The NCS™), The National Employee Survey™ (The NES™), and The Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults™ (CASOA™), come with a vast opinion database from hundreds of jurisdictions and hundreds of thousands of U.S. residents nationwide. NRC also conducts uniquely made-to-measure research for jurisdictions seeking a completely customized experience.

Local government managers and elected officials use these surveys for strategic planning, program and capital investment, budgeting, performance monitoring, improving service delivery, and more.

The National Citizen Survey

The National Employee Survey

The Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults

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