ICMA is committed to providing workshops that are affordable, accessible, and designed to meet the specific needs of local government professionals. By partnering with localities, state associations, and universities in the delivery of these programs, we are able to reduce travel costs and provide high-quality workshops.

Half-day workshops: $3,960 for states with a signed affiliation agreement with ICMA for up to 50 participants. Non-affiliated states pay an additional fee.

Workshop: Leading Change / HPO

Explore and identify practices that will better prepare employees and organizations to accept and process change.  Change is a constant in many of our lives; both on a personal and professional level.  All around us, technologies, processes, people, ideas, and methods often change, affecting the way we perform daily tasks and live our lives.  Successful change initiatives depend upon managers and supervisors taking an active role in introducing the change and then guiding people through the emotional journey that change often causes.  This workshop will explore how we process change and provide tools for implementing change and managing employee reactions to the change. (Practice Groups:4 -Staff Effectiveness and 6- Strategic Leadership)

Workshop: Moving Your Organization Toward Higher Performance 

Regardless of the size or location of our organizations, we are all challenged by the same types of issues—increased demands for services, reduced revenues, negative perceptions of government and disengaged workers.  This workshop will challenge you to think differently about how your organization can work!  Key concepts of the High Performance Organization Model to be discussed include “Developing the New Government Employee,” “Doing the Work of Leadership at all Levels of the Organization,”  Deciding your Leadership Philosophy,” “Focusing on both the Vision and the Culture of your Organization,”  and “Building Capacity through Employee Teams.” The program will afford participants opportunities for small group discussion and encourage thinking about “next steps” to move their organizations toward “higher performance.”  (Practice Groups: 4 -Staff Effectiveness and 6- Strategic Leadership)

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