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Learn how to overcome the limitations of traditional budgeting methods in this free webinar from Euna Solutions.
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State and local governments have long relied on last year’s budget to make the next budget—with historical precedent being the main determinant of how much is allocated to each line item in the coming year. While the simplicity of this approach has its advantages, it focuses on the past rather than the future, and it fails to consider the dynamic nature of economies and resident needs, making governments slow to adapt to change.

In this virtual discussion, we will dive into the key elements of using a modern, forward-thinking approach to budgeting that incorporates resident engagement, strategic planning, and technology.

On February 21st at 1pm ET, join Jeff Goldstein, Senior Director of Business Product Management for Euna Budget; Elizabeth Steward, VP Marketing & Research for Envisio; and Michelle Kobayashi, Principal Research Strategist for Polco to learn:

  • The limitations of traditional budgeting methods and how a more forward-thinking approach addresses these challenges.
  • How you can integrate citizen engagement and strategic planning to become more adaptable, better aligned with community needs, outcomes-focused, and proactive in your budget creation and management.
  • How to embrace budgeting modernization through technology and see real-world examples of this approach in action.
  • Ways rethinking your budgeting process can not only support changing citizen needs, but also the needs of your staff and organization.

This webinar is complimentary thanks to the sponsorship of Euna Solutions who will have access to registration information.

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