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Join us for a live demo of our new product offering and affinity partnership with Cope Notes -- a vital solution for your community’s unprecedented mental healthcare needs.
Live Demo Series - Cope Notes

If we have learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it was that our mental health simply wasn’t prepared for it. Your top priority has been to act as a guiding force for your residents, many of whom were experiencing job insecurity, anxiety about the pandemic and the economy, or the loss of loved ones. You have fought for greater support and resources for your community’s most vulnerable groups, including those with preexisting mental health issues.

The list can go on about the various scenarios we have faced, but one theme was clear: supervisors and employees quickly became overwhelmed, exhausted, buried, stressed—and it inevitably took a toll on our mental health. Many people, from your staff to your residents, struggle with anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts, but few learn how to fight back. A new ICMA product offering and affinity partnership with Cope Notes, is the best first step toward a healthier brain.

In this 30-minute live demo series (15 minutes product demo, 15 minutes Q&A), explore how Cope Notes can help you create affordable and convenient mental health support for your community. 

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