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Across generations

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Learn a strategic approach for establishing mutual benefit for every member of your team.

For the first time in the modern era, we have four generations in the workforce. And each generation has grown up with a different world view and expectations for what they want for their careers. It’s likely you’re dealing with the complicated dynamics of leading a multi-generational team. Leading Across Generations will provide you with a strategic approach for establishing mutual benefit for each member of your team. Attendees will

  • Explore the unique complexities leading a multi-generational workforce.
  • Determine the needs of each member of your team.
  • Overcome communication barriers and assumptions for optimal team collaboration.
  • Harness the strengths of each of your team members, utilizing their talents where they fit best.
  • Provide learning and growth opportunities to each team member to help them achieve their goals.



Photo of Brian Bullock the Managing Director of Worldwide Learning and Professional Development



Brian Bullock, Director for Worldwide Learning and Professional Development, ICMA


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