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There is a difference between simply being on social media and being engaging on in social media. The latter gives local governments the ability to communicate and connect with citizens while building a cohesive community.

In honor of #SocialMediaDay, ICMA has gathered 8 resources to help you master effective engagement on social media.

  1. Learn from an expert. Citizen Engagement Officer, Timothy Martin, teaches you How to Engage Your Community with Social Media in this interview.
  2. Get the Ebook. The Playbook: Social Media and Local Government provides tips, strategies, examples, and best practices help you use social media to communicate with constituents efficiently and effectively.
  3. The Innovation Labs bring results from workshops conducted and share the emerging practices in civic engagement 
  4. Become familiar with utilizing Instagram with the article Unfiltered: Issaquah and Instagram
  5. Check out the #WeLoveWeHo “selfie wall” at West Hollywood City Hall, designed encourage residents and visitors to create digital posts to share on social media.
  6. Find out how the city of Austin enhanced crisis communications using social media in this success story
  7. Read how social media can be beneficial in a disaster with 4 Tools That Will Help Your Citizens Communicate During a Hurricane
  8. This ICMA Research Survey examining innovations and emerging practices in Local Government reported that 64.4% identified social media as one of the most successful citizen engagement tools. 


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